Friday, May 29, 2009

The Policy of Non Interference

It simply means that you strictly don’t go to interfere in other’s life and expect the same from the others.

Ever since I remember, I’ve been a strict follower of this principal. When I started out practicing this theory, a few times I erred, but that was mostly cause I cared about the people I interfered with. And then I realized, see? That’s how it starts! Everybody is sane enough and big enough to handle their own lives. Until and unless they ask for help, you don’t need to step in!

Somehow this is a principal not at all liked and accepted in the society that I am a part of. I’ve had my small share of life in Metro’s and I’ve loved the life because everybody follows this principal of non interference.

Every place- small or big has its own problems. And “ interference” is a No. 1 problem in Goa. You can’t really predict who won’t interfere with your life cause by and large – everyone does.

“Why don’t you wear your mangalsutra? Aren’t you married? Or is it simply because of style and fashion? But I tell you, you should wear your mangalsutra otherwise any men will start eyeing you!”

This dialogue was from a man I didn’t know but who knew my family well! My 1st few reactions were ( in my head) , “ what the hell is his problem? Until his wife wears a mangalsutra , why does he need to interfere and advise other’s wives? Is he attracted to me? Must be a MCP!”

There’s a bhashan I can give him on my theories of “why not to wear a mangalsutra!” but the question is , will he ever understand? What is the level of intelligence that I am dealing with over here?”

Its worthless talking to some people, and so I give a faint smile which clearly states, “Who are you? I don’t know you! Get lost!” and walk away!

“ Janaki you have become so fat! You look like an aunty!”
This dialogue from a woman who herself is no bigger than a stick! Men joke on her calling her a matchstick, and as flat as an airport (for obvious reasons!). As for me- I’ve always been a “khate peete Gharane ki Ladki!” – not fat, not thin!

I have a 1000 comments lined on such people, but I choose only 1, “hey, long time! Where were you all this time? In Somalia?”

People call me rude and outspoken!
I am none of the above!
People fail to mention how rude they are to others, how their tongues waggle all the time- they never mention.

There’s a saying, “you don’t need to tell a balding man he’s losing his hair! He already knows!”

But in our society our people make it a point to remind others of painful truths, remind others of memories they most want to forget.

Recently one of my close friend lost her 10 month old baby to an accident that happened at home. When I went to see her, there were women who were talking about how the mother was careless and what she shouldn’t have done. They were also blaming a person directly responsible for the death of the child!

An accident is an accident! It’s an unfortunate sudden incident! Which mother and which person would want an innocent child dead?

I wanted to shut the mouths which were making things worse for my friend! Blames, what if’s are not things to discuss at such a delicate moment in somebody’s life!

What is it that makes people to interfere in other’s lives?

1. If its someone close to you- best friend, mother, father, sister- who’s asking personal questions- its because of love and care. Till an extent, they have a right to interfere but that doesn’t mean they keep eating your head with queries. Why’s, how’s, where’s……… come on- show some trust sometime! It’s necessary.
We don’t have all the answers all the time! We are as confused as the person questioning us! And at that point all we need from our loved one’s is support and faith in us!

2. Most people interfere through “comments”- that is the safest and sure shot way to hit the person where it hurts!
Such people deserve a back answer which is 3 times more rude then their comment so that the next time they think of commenting on you- they think a 100 times.

3. Enquiring questions, such as, “what are you doing now?” “Why are you not doing this?” “Where were you between so and so dates?”
If the person asking is not too close, my answer- “why do you want to know?”
They mostly answer, “just like that!” . Then even I say, “ just like that!”
If the person asking is someone close, then explain if you want to- but personally I feel its best to keep some things to yourself- especially if your ideas are a bit maverick!

But having said all this, even after using all tricks and all the ways to keep people at a distance…. I haven’t completely succeeded. When one understands and shuts his mouth, a new one appears out of nowhere!

Dealing with family members is by far the most difficult task. And especially if they are the kind who don’t understand mavericks then one is in a complete soup!

Of course, like every other theory this 1 too has its weak points.

1. “Non- interference” creates distances amongst close people if followed too strictly.
2. In societies too, it creates an atmosphere where nobody cares about the other. So while most of the times you really want to keep people at a distance, there might be a few delicate moments in your life when you need everybody!
3. Interference or rather care for others is what makes us human! If practiced positively and with a good intention then nobody minds such interferences!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

“Beta you are already 26, how long will you wait? Then you will have problems in having kids. You should get married as soon as possible!”
These are the dialogues most single Indian women must be hearing every time they step inside their house.

I’ve grown up looking at women. Whenever their husbands come home from work, they serve him a hot cup of coffee; they immediately get to work to cook a dinner in spite of the fact that they’ve returned from work themselves.

As soon as you are married in a typical Indian home, your responsibilities go on doubling. Your 1st responsibility is the over grown kid- your husband. Their mothers treat them like total kids and expect you to carry on the tradition. He needs to be given his clothes, his breakfast, his shoes- he cannot do anything on his own! And his wife who’s a couple of years younger to him ( in most cases) has to play his mother’s role!

( I still don’t understand why men make a huge deal about getting married! It should be the women who should run away from marriages and enjoy their single lives!)

You hardly step out of the Mandap at your wedding and you hear an old grandma chirpily wishing/ suggesting- “we would soon see a grandson on your 1st wedding anniversary photograph!”

An Indian wedding is usually a call of bad luck to many Indian women.

Don’t we have wishes and aspirations?
Even we want someone to take care of us for a change! We want to be cared for and mothered!
We want to see the world with a mind free from tensions and responsibilities!
We want to fly!
We like to fly!

Financially, you start saving the moment you get married- for the child! It’s like living an entire life only for the children! It’s a life of a slave, wherein you don’t enjoy anything and keep the best for your children.

Loans for children’s education!
Insurance for children’s health!
You are indebted throughout your life to the people who took care of your kids at some point of time!
Search for schools!
Requests to big men if you don’t get admissions!
Thousands of visits to the temple praying for your child’s wellness!
So on and so forth!

And while you are busy slogging and working…..even before you know it, they’ve become big enough to get married! Then you are again tensed about their marriages, setting up their lives and families and the cycle goes on!

Is this all our life is made up of ?
Having children is the only reason we get married?
Aren’t we circling in loops for centuries and for generations? Our grandparents did it, our parents did it, we will do it and some day force our kids to go through the same cycle!

Perhaps this is the reason our soul needs moksha! To get out of this cycle of life- to get out of this boredom!

Can’t we attain moksha while we are alive?
Just break out of this cycle! Do something different! Attain a new high for human life- think differently! All this is only possible , if:-
1. You don’t get married
2 You don’t get married
3. You Do Not Get married!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Best Films List

This is what I’ve watched and liked over all these years. I am sure I’ve missed many good films because I can’t remember them or their names. These all are sure shot good films, and a must watch. There could be many more films in “Strange Films” category, most of them I watched during the film festivals. But I don’t remember their names anymore, they were mostly foreign films.

If you know a good film and you think I should watch, please mention it in the comments section. The “Action” category needs a lot of study since I’ve not watched many action films. Also if there’s a new category you think needs a mention, you are most welcome to add it.

Hindi (old)
1. Mughal-E-Azam
2. Pakeeza
3. Sholay
4. Sangam
5. Chupke Chupke

Hindi (New)
1. Dil Chahta Hai
2. Rang De Basanti
3. Black
4. Satya

Small budget
1. Monsoon wedding
2. Hyderabad blues 1

1. Water
2. Fire
3. Kamasutra

Strange films
1. Hazaron khwaishen Aisi
2. Johnny Gaddar

Best Directors (Indian)
1. Ashutosh Gowarikar – Lagaan, Swades, Jodhaa Akbar.
2. Mani Ratnam- Anjali, Bombay, Roja, Yuva, Guru.

Animated films
1. Ratatouiee
2. Wall E
3. The Incredibles


1. Sound of music
2. Casablanca
3. Titanic
4. A beautiful Mind
5. The Shawshank Redemption

Foreign Language
- Children of Heaven
- Bicycle Thief

Global Warming- Al Gore

All Time Entertainers
- Amar Akbar Anthony
- Devil Wears Prada

Best Series
- How I Met Your Mother
- Friends

Romantic Comedies
1. Andaaz Apna Apna
2. Jab We Met
3. My Best Friend’s Wedding
4. You’ve Got Mail
5. Kate and Leopold

Pure Comedies
1. Hera Pheri
2. Plains Trains and Automobiles
3. Father of the Bride 1

1. The matrix
2. Matrix Reloaded
3. Terminator 2
4. The fast and the furious Tokyo Drift and
5. Die Hard 4.O
6. Barrier 13 ( just for the chases)
7. Transformers

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Vibes…. Of the rotten apples

There are some people I like just by looking at them, some I like when I talk to them and some I like just by being around them. There’s a comfort zone around such people, they let me be me, and they help me be me!

And then there are others……. I just don’t know why I get aggravated the moment I see them! The moment they talk to me, I get irritated! My heart wants to fight and insult them!

It’s all about the vibes different people give out. Positive attitude and a pleasing personality will always be accepted by everyone. Where as , a fake attitude, “I know it all” look will always repel others!

Recently I met up with some old friends from college! It had been a long time since we had met; there were so many misunderstanding by the end of the course that hardly anybody kept in contact with anyone. But I took a positive step by trying to resolve the old issues and giving it another shot, after all there were so many good experiences we had shared as classmates.

The meeting went very well and I realized by the end of it that not everyone is bad; it’s that one rotten apple that spoils the whole barrel!

A few minutes later, I met another of my college mate, he invited me for a coffee and I agreed.

Now here was the rotten apple!

I’d always kept safe distance from him for reasons unknown to me. He showed me he was caring and sweet but there was that fakeness in his smile, a double meaning to every question he asked. Some under-the –breath comments on my husband and my married life etc.

This time however I didn’t react to the vibes he was sending out, and all the negative energy that oozed out from him! On the other hand, I observed him, trying to find out what really is making this man send out all the negativity!

I came to the conclusion after watching him and people like him that these souls are actually frustrated with their own lives! Either that they crave for a girlfriend/ boyfriend (that’s the reason they laugh and comment on other’s private lives) or are frustrated with their career moves (the reason they question and show doubt towards other’s talent and skill). They love to laugh at other’s failures but fail to see the hard work behind that attempt that failed! They never give credit to anybody’s job well done, because it hurts them to acknowledge that fact.

So this time instead of arguing and getting angry with him, I felt sorry for him! I felt extremely sorry. For all this time after I passed out, I’ve been surrounded by only positive energy, it has given me the strength to stand by me and look at life positively. When I was in college, surrounded by these frustrated souls, their vibes were contagious- there was a time I was completely taken in by their attitude!

Lessons I learnt from my experiences:

1. Avoid the company of people with negative vibes. Even if the person is your best friend, get rid of the friendship before the negativity sucks you in!

2. There’s no point in arguing, explaining or justifying any of your actions to such people- it’s worthless!

3. Protect your loved one’s from such people’s backlash! I remember I’d taken my sis at a birthday party of my friend when a rotten apple lashed out at her without any reason. She was hurt and didn’t know what she had done to deserve that kind of treatment! The best thing at that moment was to leave the party and the people, but unfortunately we stayed on- we didn’t want to disturb the atmosphere!(a mistake)!

4. Put your foot down. It’s never too late. Stop : the conversation, the company and the relationship immediately!

I’ve strictly adhered to these conclusions and snapped out ties with immediate effect. The moment I know it’s a rotten apple; I throw it out of my life.

It requires a lot of courage as people around keep questioning such sudden behavior. But what is required is required! I’ve seen friendships dragged beyond the point of tolerance, just because the victim party doesn’t have the guts to stand up and say a firm “No”! What starts off by affecting only you goes on spreading- affecting your entire family.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Confessions of a hurt Hindu Secularist

Narendra Modi- The X factor!

The media tries hard to pull him down!
Congress tries even harder to break him down!

But hey, he is the man with the mission! The poster boy of the saffron brigade, the winner, the fighter, the warrior....... MY Ultimate Hero!

There is 1 issue that he is always nailed on! Gujarat Riots!
1000’s of Muslims were killed.

Between, Why aren’t we talking about J and K?

Who’s the CM there?

Why are Hindu pandits dying- for decades? Being raped? Being butchered? Why?

Their life doesn’t count?
If you are amongst those who criticize Narendra Modi for Gujarat riots and amongst those who don’t say a word about the other killings happening at other places in India, then you are communal!

You must be thinking, the writer is also communal, so she supports him! But wait a minute..... who created this word communal? What is being secular? Supporting minorities and dividing the population on the basis of religion calling it a majority and a minority....isn’t that communal? And who does that? Which party woos people of a particular religion? And then lays the blame of communalism on BJP?

The answer to all the pseudo secularists in our country- and the best slap on them all is Modi!

Watch the news now a days, they will again , again and again only remind the viewers about the Gujarat Riots, what about the developmental activities happening in Gujarat? That doesn’t seem to be important.

Bomb blasts around the country killed a 1000 more people, but what is our media still reminding us? About the Gujarat Riots!

I was also amongst those who were anti Modi at some point of time. If you only go by what the media reports- then you are bound to think that way. In order to know the realities you need to see, observe below the surface.

A few months back, there were riots in Goa.(congress Govt) Goa- a peace loving state! What really happened in here to result in a riot? Do you know that congress Govt was still blaming BJP for it? If BJP is in power it is to be blamed, if its not in power also its to be blamed?

I shouldn’t be talking about a particular religion... no sorry! I mean, I shouldn’t be talking about Hindu religion. Because anything related to Hindu, Hinduism is communal, isn’t it?

A few months back I heard about an incident of vandalism. A statue of mother Mary was broken down. It was made into a national headline, an issue! I am not against it, make it into an issue, definitely- someone did a horrible act !

Do you know, my dear reader, that for the last couple of years a number of Hindu temples have been vandalized in Goa? Just 2 days back- 12 statues! I repeat, 12 statues were vandalized~! Did you hear about it? Why not? Why wasn’t this made into a national issue? Who is communal now?

Why? I don’t get hurt when my faith is made fun of by M F Hussain? In the name of art he painted a Hindu goddess nude! Doesnt that hurt me? Why only hindu religion? Have we become so cheap, that we allow anything that happens to us?

Hamari koi ijjaat nahi hai kya?

I am not a Hindu fundamentalist! I am a regular, balanced headed individual- who likes to think for myself! I am a proud Hindu too, I love my religion. Yes, there are a few fault lines here and there, but then, which religion is perfect?

I am fed up of my religion being targeted every now and then and being stamped as communal if I say , “ I go to a temple and pray everyday!”.
I get extremely angry looking at my goddesses being painted nude!
And i cant control my temper when i see my idols vandalized time and again.

I won’t keep quiet!
To hell with your politics- whether for votes or for whatever reason our politicians are dividing our country-
we are sitting on a time bomb!
Sooner or later, it will blow!

I am ready to fight!
For my religion- for my identity- for my survival- for my country!

Anjali ( 1990)

Ask my family members and they will tell you my craze for this film. Till date the film remains fresh in my memory. I think I must have watched this film when I was in 1st std, that makes me around 6 years old. Now I am amazed at myself for understanding it at such a young age. I loved the film, the cast, the music- everything! It is a must watch!

The lead Anjali was played by a girl called baby Shamili. I think I must have been her greatest and the youngest fan at that time. It was difficult to get movie posters at that time, especially south film posters. My aunt finally got me some posters from Mumbai I guess, or was that Chennai? I don’t remember. The posters are still stuck on a cupboard in my house.

I also remember writing my very 1st letter to her. And my father wrote back to me saying it was Shamili. I believed him till I was in 8th std! I’d actually shown that letter to every soul in my school! Gee! 

It was because of films like these that I’ve grown so fond of films. Many thanks to Mani Ratnam- his Anjali, Roja and most particularly Bombay have taught me what a complete film is! I use these films as study material, for its direction and cinematography, and story ,screenplay ofcourse!

I tried searching for the DVD, still haven’t found 1, I also did a search for a movie download, the 1 I got right now is a Tamil version, and I need a Hindi version to really enjoy the film. I hope some day soon, I’ll get the original DVD of the film.

Recently , by fluke, I came across Shamili’s current photograph on google search. It was a satisfaction of some kind to see her grown up! It was like finding a lost friend! The snap that I saw she looked very plain , thankfully not all made up with make up that our heroine’s wear now a days. I also read that her film “Oye” opposite Siddhartha will be releasing this year in 2009. It’s a Tamil film and I sure want to watch it, just for her sake, just to watch her! 

I would have liked to say so much more about the film, but I need to watch it agai! From age 6 till date- it’s really been a long time!

Facts about the film:

Anjali is about a dying autistic child, and the emotional trauma experienced by her family.

Written and directed by Mani Ratnam
Music by Ilaiyaraaja
Cast: Raghuvaran, Revathi, Tarun, Shruthi and Shamili.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Give me the wings to fly

Maa, give me the wings to fly!
Maa, let me touch the sky!

Let me have a dream of my own!
And some day in life, its light will be shown!

I only need you by my side ,
Every second, every moment, every tide I ride!

Praise me for my difference,
Please try and see why I am different!

Don’t pull me back, don’t complain, don’t be afraid!
I am too weak now, this is 1st step I just made!!

Without you maa, this struggle is so hard on me.
Every twist, every turn- I fall on my knee.

Help me stand maa, help me fight !
If you stand by me, my destination will be soon in sight!

Give me the wings maa,
The wings of your love! Your faith in me and your support!

Give me the wings,
Let me spread it out and we shall sing,
The sweetest song of success and a dream fulfilling!
You have been my angel always guiding and protecting!

Don’t be shy,
Maa, give me the wings to fly!
Maa, let me touch the sky!

- written by me!

After long long years, i thought i would never write 1.
its basic, no complicated words, but i had to start somewhere!
if you have the inspiration, the thought then words are just the medium to help you write and express!

Friday, May 8, 2009

The Party Kid

please click on the link below to read the full news!

The gandhi's no doubt always have fun at the cost of India!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Law regarding Arrest of Woman

An incident took place in Pune - a young girl was attacked by a man posing as a plain clothes officer; he asked her 2 come 2 the police station when she & her male friend didn't have a driver's license 2 show.

He sent the boy off 2 get his license and asked the girl to
accompany him to the police station. Took her instead to an isolated area where the horrendous crime was committed.

The law [which most of us are not aware of] clearly states that between 6 pm and 6 am, a woman has the right to REFUSE to go to the Police Station , even if an arrest warrant has been issued against her. It is a procedural issue that a woman can be arrested between 6pm and 6am, ONLY if she is arrested by a woman officer & taken to an ALL WOMEN police station..
And if she is arrested by a male officer, it has to be proven that a woman officer was on duty at the time of arrest.

Why go to the Temple

A 'devotee' goer wrote a letter to the editor of a newspaper and
complained that it made no sense to go to the Temple .
'I've gone for 30 years now, he wrote, and in that time I have heard
something like 3,000 mantras.
But for the life of me, I can't remember a single one of them. So, I
think I'm wasting my time and the Gurus are wasting theirs by giving
services at all.

This started a real controversy in the 'Letters to the Editor' column,
much to the delight of the editor.. It went on for weeks until someone
wrote this clincher:

I've been married for 30 years now.
In that time my wife has cooked some 32,000 meals. But, for the life
of me, cannot recall the entire menu for a single one of those meals.
But I do know this... They all nourished me and gave me the strength I
needed to do my work. If my wife had not given me these meals, I would
be physically dead today. Likewise, if I had not gone to the Temple
for nourishment, I would be spiritually dead today!

When you are DOWN to nothing.... God is UP to something! Faith sees
the invisible, believes the incredible and receives the impossible!
Thank God for our physical AND our spiritual nourishment!

School life

school life is a memory of so many 1st's.....

1st friend

1st best friend

1st crush

1st shouting from a teacher

1st fight with a friend

1st time facing a failure- whether by losing a competition, scoring less marks or making a wrong decision.

1st time tasting success- my 1st play which i wrote and directed and became a big hit with the students, scoring full marks in maths ( this is a once in a lifetime achievement!)

1st heart break!

1st team games

1st stage performances

1st dance

what were your 1st's?

What is a blog

why do we blog? why is each blog different then the other?

are the blogs a continuity or the reflections of 1's personality?
if i take my blog, i write about all the things tht matter to me, my blog is a reflection and a continuity of my personality.

so is di's and sharvani's.

isnt a blog a place to share ideas? if it is used that way, then definately that's a positive use. but i wonder how many really use a blog for the right reasons?

i never knew blogging would be so much fun. i dont understand why i kept myself away from this medium for so long! for some time i wasnt really sure whether i should let myself be free on the web, knowing my style of writing- a bit too free, a bit too revealing! but hey, that's what makes each writer different!

i like this hobby.....i really cannot do without putting something up these days. not necessarily big ideas and big posts with big thinking, even small day to day passing thoughts like this one which i would usually put in my diary makes for a good post!

its so much easier to connect to people this way.
its so much easier to be heard!
so much easier to be creative- nobody to stop you, nobody who'll choose which articles are better and worse.

every school student should be given a project to maintain a blog. wow! if i had that sort of a project i would love it! :)

Friday, May 1, 2009

My Rags

My entire family- somewhere around 15 of us, were leaving for Ganapatipule. I was around 6 years old then. Mamma dressed up Di and turned to me, she had some brand new clothes for me. “ I want to wear the yellow dress!”

There was this yellow skirt and a blouse that I got as a gift from pasakaka- He’s my favorite uncle, and what he got for me was like heaven sent gifts! The said yellow dress was at least 3 years old, I wore it at home, and mamma had discarded it! She had announced in front of the entire family that it’s the latest rag that she will be using for cleaning up the floor!

“ Baa, I already told you its torn and its not meant for wearing anymore!”
“ Noooooooo…I want the yellow dress!” wehhhhhh aaaaa I threw up a tantrum!

Mamma had enough, “ Then sit at home wearing your yellow dress, I am not taking you anywhere!”

I happily waved a goodbye to my family wearing the yellow dress. I was left behind with my grand parents!

Through all these years, the oldest of my clothes remain my favorites! They give me the best fit and the best comfort. Some of them belong to me, that I had worn in 8th std, and some I inherited from my Maushi, Di etc.

Through the years, people have become much more particular about their clothes and looks! But I feel no shame in wearing my Rags! I do the honors not only at home, or at camps but even when I have to go to the market and to restaurants. Women stare, some laugh and some comment- to hell with them! I am on top of the world when I am in my Rags!

Not just old clothes, shoes too are my favorites! I have so many new pairs of shoes, sandals- but I still enjoy wearing the sole torn , old, dirty looking amongst them.

I’ve always tried doing something new with the old stuff- like painting my old jeans with fabric paints, cutting and pasting stuff here and there- making a skirt out of a trouser ( yes! I did that!) ….. I jus love the feel of the old material- it reminds me of the good and the bad old times- makes me nostalgic!

I do not know if I have some sort of a disease, but I am myself in my rags!
I know I don’t look the prettiest, but I am at my best!

lateral thinking

1. There is a man who lives on the top floor of a very tall building. Everyday he gets the elevator down to the ground floor to leave the building to go to work.Upon returning from work though, he can only travel half way up in the lift and has to walk the rest of the way unless it's raining! Why?

*^*^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*

2. A man and his son are in a car accident. The father dies on the scene, but the child is rushed to the hospital. When he arrives the surgeon says,

"I can't operate on this boy, he is my son! " How can this be?

*^*^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*^ *^*

3. A man is wearing black. Black shoes, socks, trousers, lumper, gloves and balaclava. He is walking down a black street with all the street lamps off.

A black car is coming towards him with its light off but somehow manages to stop in time. How did the driver see the man?

*^*^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*^ *

4. Why is it better to have round manhole covers than square ones?

*^*^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*^ *

5. A man went to a party and drank some of the punch. He then left early. Everyone else at the party who drank the punch subsequently died of poisoning. Why did the man not die?

*^*^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*^ *

6. A man walks into a bar and asks the barman for a glass of water. The barman pulls out a gun and points it at the man. The man says 'Thank you' and walks out.

(*^*^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*

*^*^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*
1. The man is very, very short and can only reach halfway up the elevator buttons. However,if it is raining then he will have his umbrella with him and can press the higher buttons with it.

*^*^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*

2. The surgeon was his mother.

*^*^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*

3. It was day time.

*^*^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*

4. A square manhole cover can be turned and dropped down the diagonal of the manhole. A round manhole cannot be dropped down the manhole. So for safety and practicality, all manhole covers should be round.

*^*^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*

5. The poison in the punch came from the ice cubes. When the man Drank the punch, the ice was fully frozen. Gradually it melted, poisoning the punch.

^*^*^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*^* ^*^*^*^*^ *^*^*^*

6.. The man had hiccups. The barman recognized this from his speech and drew the gun in order to give him a shock. It worked and cured the hiccups-so the man no longer needed the water.

A Reminder

My own people say this about our beloved country…

“My my! Its so dirty here!”

“There are slums everywhere! India is so unorganized!”

“Have you seen the public transport? People are like mosquitoes , crowding in those trains and buses!”

“ Indians ko to ‘class’ hi nahi hai yaar! Thoda to ‘class’ hona chahiye!”

Whenever I’ve had the chance to talk and interact with some foreigners, I’ve found they never put down their country- especially the whites! On the other hand, their curiosity about my country is like, “why are things still so bad in India?” and I laugh and say, “You know, the politics and the corruption here is really bad. Most politicians are illiterates and have come from poor backgrounds!”

“That’s so sad!” The white answers. I can read his mind, inside he is feeling a lot of sympathy for me – POOR INDIANS! And over all this time, I and all my fellow Indians have started loving this sympathy we get from the whites!

I know it’s bad to generalize! All whites are not bad!
But I cannot forget and forgive what they did to my country!
Stripping her off all her riches and giving her the poverty she doesn’t deserve!
Their ancestors are thieves, they robbed her!

They raped my motherland! For centuries!
And I have a moral right and responsibility to hate them!

Now the British might be beating drums about peace, and supporting anti terrorism activities, but we do know what their blood is made up of! Their crooked brains gave us our most precious gift of partition- and we are still paying the price for it! Be it our legal system, education system – our life is still chained – thanks to the British!

All our vedic ways of life, the education system ( gurukul) were perfect and are still perfect to solve our problems! But our intelligence is chained!

We must not forget Thomas Macaulay:he said, "We must do our best to form a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern, a class of persons Indian in blood and colour, but English in taste, in opinions, words and intellect."

As the architect of Colonial Britain's Educational Policy in India, Thomas Macaulay was to set the tone for what educated Indians were going to learn about themselves, their civilization, and their view of Britain and the world around them. An arch-racist, Thomas Macaulay had nothing but scornful disdain for Indian history and civilization.

"It is, no exaggeration to say, that all the historical information which has been collected from all the books written in Sanskrit language is less valuable than what may be found in the most paltry abridgments used at preparatory schools in England".

Please do not trust the school history books for the true reference of our glorious past. All the books were and still are manipulated. We are taught the wrong history- the one that only goes to show how India was beaten time and again !

Our young minds are trained not to love and respect our country!

So my brothers and sisters, before throwing dirt at your motherland, please remember- its falling on you!

Be proud of what our India gave us, rather than what we got from west!

unfortunately, that includes, the english language too!
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