Saturday, August 29, 2009


In Konkani this means "frustration" ! And that's how I feel right now! As if my own personal problems and issues are easy enough for me to solve, that a new one always faces me around the corner!

If I want , I can very well look over some of the issues that bother me so much! The issues that bother me are the issues that face everybody here, I wonder how everyone can be so calm and peaceful as if nothing has happened!

Lets take the past 3 days, 3 little pups are caught up in an old unused house, their mother has abandoned them and they scream on top of their voices for help! As every day passes by I hear the energy fading, and today I just heard some small cries- their last attempt to call for help!

Its very difficult for anybody to climb their fence and go in, besides there's too much vegetation, you can hardly see anything there- the house looks like its haunted!

Is it just me hearing their screams?
I called all the Animal rescue Organisations I know, nobody came for help!
Then I called the Fire department who conviniently said this doesnt come under their kind of work- they gave me some more animal rescue numbers, I called evrybody- half of their phones are out of order, others are not picked up and those who do pick up , say, we dont have staff or Margao is not under our jurisdiction or we are out of funds or we have no vehicle!

I've been praying now that those pups die, sooner the better!How much more should those little ones suffer? And if they are rescued, where would they go? Who would take care of them? I've rescued too many dogs already and have no takers left anymore- besides my house and my mum's house is full of pets!

I just wished I didnt love animals so much that it would hurt me like this! I wished I was deaf and dumb like the rest of the lot and my heart didnt ache everytime I heard an animal scream for help!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Creative Ganesha

This Ganesha Idol is made out of bottle caps (metal) that are used on glass soft drink bottles! Its a big idol and sits right in front of my house ( Sarvajanik ) . Every year, our local boys succeed in coming up with a new idea to make the Ganesha idol. Last year they made an idol out of coconuts, year before that out of cloth and so on.

People come here from all the corners of Goa to see this creative Ganesha Idol!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Photography Blog

Well! Let me step into a new category , a new creative zone called photography! I havent been much of a photographer ever, I always thought it was too technical, and I still feel so! But I agree that you need an eye to capture great photos.... you need to observe what others ignore! So , even though a camera is a machine, there's always an eye behind the camera which decides what should be clicked, and what is better ignored!

So, hope you'll enjoy what I click!

To start off, I chose this picture, its a caterpillar....... Actually its the one which will soon become a butterfly! I found it on our lemon tree, this little fella has eaten all of the leaves, no lemons grow on it now...... its a breeding ground for butterflies, and once in a few months I always come across this caterpillar before it flies off as a beautiful butterfly!

The Secret to a Happy Married life

This is an old joke really, nevertheless I love reading it everytime I get it as a fwd !

Once I was asked by my Friend, "What is the secret behind your happy married life?"

I said, "You should share responsibilities with due love and
Respect each other. Then absolutely there will be no problems."

He asked, "Can you explain?"

I said, "In my house, I take decisions on bigger issues where as
my wife decides on smaller issues. We do not interfere in each other's

Still not convinced, Friend asked me "Give me some examples"

I said," Smaller issues like, which car we should buy, how much
amount to save, when to visit home town, which Sofa, air conditioner,
refrigerator , monthly expenses, whether to keep a maid or not etc are
decided by my wife. I just agree to it"

He asked, "Then what is your role?"

I said," My decisions are only for very big issues. Like whether
America should attack Iran , whether Britain should lift sanction over
Zimbabwe , whether to widen African economy, whether Sachin Tendulkar
should retire etc etc and Do you know one thing,

my wife NEVER, NEVER, NEVER objects to Any of these".

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Independance Day

I couldnt help but notice, I couldnt help but appreciate this photograph and its underlying lesson- Inspite of all the differences in our religions, casts, opinions..... We Indians belong to 1 big family!

Yes! There are a whole lof of problems that are not addressed and which are making matters worse for our society...... But fighting in the name of religion.... is not a very smart thing to do!!!

Minorities or majorities........Indians 1st!

Happy Independence Day to all My Indian brothers and sisters!!!

Image taken from Today's Times of India.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

You can see she's a beautiful girl....

Her face is a map of the world
Is a map of the world
You can see she's a beautiful girl
She's a beautiful girl
And everything around her is a silver pool of light
The people who surround her feel the benefit of it
It makes you calm
She holds you captivated in her palm!!

………..I was still in bed when I heard this sweet voice humming a tune….and some sounds of doors closing, bags opening etc. I’ve never been an early riser, this is my 2nd day In Mumbai! I am staying with 3 other girls in an apartment – I’m here for an internship of 2 months!

I try hard and open my eyes and check the clock lying near my bed, Its 7 am! I’ve to reach Churchgate by 9 sharp…..

“ Good Morning” That same sweet voice….. I look towards her….she’s one of the girl staying with us. And she’s standing there in her towel!

Well! I had heard a lot about her before I actually met her! My friend ( girl friend) was all ga-ga about how beautiful she was. I’d checked out her snaps on Orkut but didn’t find anything that special…..I definitely had come across more beautiful girls than this 1.

I just met her yesterday, and instantly knew there was this quality about her……not just her looks, but her charm, the twinkle in her deep brown eyes….that made everyone watch her longer than it should normally take.

She knew she was good looking, and she took good care of herself! I wished I knew how to be that disciplined about my looks and my body! She’s an air hostess by profession and right now she’s busy with her usual 1 hour make up routine!

I sat in my bed, watching her with amazement as she carefully drew the lines around her eyes and moved the blush on her cheeks! “ What are you looking at?” She suddenly asks.

“ Sorry! I’ve never seen anybody do make up that beautifully, so trying to pick up some tips….hope you don’t mind!”

“ Naah!” She looked at me sideways and winked…….. What was that for? I thought! Well! Anyway, might be her style…..

The next minute she suddenly dropped her towel, standing naked in front of me…… I was blank….Numb…..I am a normal girl ok? Not a lesbian or anything like that. But I haven’t ever seen any girl strip off before me, that fast!

“ Hey wait, let me go out……you could’ve asked me to!”

“ No worries…. We all have the same things….!” She chuckled as she carefully wore her stockings and her bra! She gave me those sideway glances while she did everything, I had these strange feelings, as if she’s instigating me to be naughty, to flirt with her…… The strangest part was, I couldn’t take my eyes off her! Women are truly a piece of art – and I know this after I saw her well crafted body!

Before I knew it, she was done! “Bye…Have a nice day” She again winked and left.

My friend who was sleeping next to me jumped up the moment she was out the door.

“Hey, I thought you were sleeping!”

“ I was only pretending to be sleeping. See? I told you she’s hot! Didn’t you get this strange feeling that before she left, she should’ve come and given you a good-bye kiss?”

I looked at my friend, shocked… did she read my mind??

The 1st day of anything is the most difficult when it comes to adjustments. I was completely alright at work, but the thoughts of the air hostess weren’t letting me breath easy. It wasn’t anything about her that worried me, it was me ! I kept asking myself, Am I a lesbian?

But I’d never felt that way about any other girl before…..I’ve a boy friend for the last 3 years and everything between us is perfectly fine….why then these strange feelings?

When I came back home, she was there in the hall- stretching and doing some exercises.
“ Hey, how was your 1st day at office?” She asks.
“ It was good.” I keep my eyes low, and avoid looking at her as much as possible.
“ Sit down, you must be tired, let me make you a cup of coffee.”

Why is this girl being so sweet to me? I just don’t understand her, she’s confusing me!

But as time passes by we all get comfortable with her attitude…..she’s a very caring girl…..a good friend, a good cook.! Its hard to find good looking girls being so sweet and having absolutely no ego about their looks and beauty. She makes good healthy food for us and gives us make up and dressing tips……wow! Having Such a friend is the dream of every girl!

And days go bye………

It’s a Early Sunday Morning….and my phone rings.
“ Hey, sweets…. I am in Mumbai!” Its my bf Om.
“ Wow! What a pleasant surprise?”

The door bell starts to ring just then. It must be the doodhwalla , I think. This job is usually done by the air hostess cause she’s the 1st one to rise….

I open the door thrusting the vessel forward and see Om standing there.

" What are you doing here? I told you this was a girl's apartment !" is the 1st thing I say looking at him.

" Is this how you greet me after so many months?"

We hug for a long time, But strangely I want to drive him out of the apartment before she wakes up...before he sets his eyes on her! If I cant resist her, uski to baat hi chodo!

"Who's at the door Diya?"

She comes out with her micro mini shorts and a noodlestrap top!

I turn to see my boyfriend's reaction 1st....he stared at her...came close to me and said, " Hey, you never told me you lived with hotties!"
" Yeah! Because I didn’t want you to drop in here again and again!"

He then went up to her, extended his hand and introduced himself!

" Ohh! Diya's BF? Tum to bohot chupi rustam nikli yaar! Tumne kabhi bataya nahi iske baare mein?" She said in her usual cheerful tone!

With her long beautiful hair, sleepy eyes....she was looking more beautiful then ever! I wanted to hide her, protect her from the prying eyes of men...from my BF!

" Aaj kal to sabka BF hota hai!Isme batanewali kya baat hai?"

" Mera to koi bf nahi hai!" She said naughtily.... “anyway, you 2 sit and chat, I'll make some tea for you, or would you like something else Ommm?"

" Anything you like!" Om is mesmerized!

" So sweet!"

"Dont give me that silly smile...I know what it is for!" I was so angry...I couldn’t control my temper!

" Hey what? Its just normal for a guy ok?"

He was right. Its normal for him...its quite abnormal for me to feel protective about her! Its abnormal for me to not hate her but hate my bf instead!

When she came out with the tea, she was wearing a proper jeans and a my relief! She didn’t sit with us while we had our tea, she chose to go inside...while my bf Om spent d rest of our time together asking about her!

After an hour of arguing , Om was ready to leave... he decided to stay at a hotel nearby for the next 2 days and have breakfasts and dinners with us- for obvious reasons!

That sunday evening, My friend and the other room mate went out for shopping. The air hostess stayed home , she wasnt feeling very well. And Om was to join me in a couple of hours so I decided to stay back. This was the 1st time me and she were all alone in the apartment!

I sat in the hall , reading the Sunday Times.....She suddenly came out of her room in a chirpy mood, " Do you want to play dress up?"
" What is that?"
" We pretend like we are walking the runway and wear different clothes!"
" Isnt that meant for kids?"
" Come on na? It will be fun!" She pulled my hand and called me inside her room!

" Remove your clothes!" She orders me!
" what?"
" How else can I dress you then?"
" You dont need to dress me. I’ll dress myself!"
" Arre you are the model, I am your fashion designer, now remove!"
" Ideally, you should be the model- dont you think so?"

" Ok!" within seconds she was topless. " Now dress me!"
" You dress yourself!" I start getting a bad feeling about this...something about this girl was not right...something about her was not what she usually was!

" My god! How much nakhras you do! Remove....Remove na?" She was so adamant.... She got what she wanted.............My Shirt!

" I dont like this game...I am going..." But as I start to go out, she suddenly pulled my hand and pulled me close and pinned me against the wall....

" You like me dont you?" She was so close to me, I could feel her breath,

" What? Let me go." My head has started spinning already!

" I saw you watching me the 1st day! You are attracted to me...... then what is this shit with your bf?"

" Let me go....." She was much stronger then I'd expected her to be! And she was pushing herself against me....

Men have rubbed against me in trains and buses before....It is a horrible experience...but this was worse than that..... A woman against my body...I was so scared, I wanted to scream for help...I had no doubt that if I dont do anything in the next couple of minutes, she would surely rape me! But I couldnt say anything...the shock of it all had numbed my reactions. She probably took this as a positive sign from me and started her act!

And suddenly the door bell rang.......I was shaken out of my numbness.....I pushed her away from me, and ran to the door in the state I was in. I hurriedly opened the door, it was Om... He was shocked to see me in that half dressed state, crying, scared, nervous!

" What happened?"
I just hugged him and cried, no words came out of my mouth!

After around 10 minutes , I finally found my voice and told him what had happened. Throughout all this conversation, she did not step out of her room! After om heard what had happened, he just couldn’t control himself.

“ Wait I’ll just see what she thinks of herself.” He said and before he could open/ bang on her door, she swiftly opened the door and stood there………all dressed up, calm and composed as she always was……the room all cleaned and a big bag by her side. She handed an envelope over to Om, and without looking at me walked out the front door.

I kept looking after her……. “ Its 5000 in here!” Om said taking out the contents of the envelope.

“ There’s a note too.

Dear all,

I’ve got a very good job in Hyderabad, and I’ve to leave right away. Sorry for not staying back and saying a good bye.

Take care of yourselves,


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tula Mi , Mala Mi....

Today was the concluding day of the "Kala Rang" festival which is held in Margao every year. The organisers always succeed in getting the best talent from across India to Goa, and I'm thankful and glad for all the work they do!

This year saw performances by Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia, a beautiful Bharatnatyam performance by my guru- Lalan desai and Alka Lajmi, The play White Lily and Night Rider and Rima Lagoo's "Tula Mi , Mala Mi".

Today's play again was a masterpiece! Here are the synopsis:

Madhavi Rajadhyaksha, a college professor teaching English Literature, occasionally pens short stories in Marathi. One fine day she releases a book penned in English. The book gains international recognition. It becomes a bestseller. Madhavi receives such significant remuneration that she resigns from her job. This invites accusations that Madhavi has written the book in English with the sole intention of acquiring maximum royalty. She is also accused of exploiting her sister’s illness and her own husband's marital problems in order to increase the book sales. A Marathi movie based on Madhavi's book is produced. A leading television channel invites her to speak. What will happen when Madhavi begins to confront the accusations leveled against her?

Details of the play:

TULA MI MALA MI is the Marathi adaptation of eminent playwright Girish Karnad's original Kannad play. The play has already been produced in Hindi (BIKHRE BIMB) and in English (BROKEN IMAGES). The Marathi version has been produced by O Rima Creations and has already seven shows to its credit. The Marathi adaptation, direction and music have been done by Vivek Lagoo with technical assistance from Samir Lamaye and special contribution from Shekhar Dhavlikar.

My views:

There's just 1 person on stage with her 2 images- 1 her real self and the other that we see on a TV screen on the stage! The whole play is about Madhavi, the writer talking to herself who appears on the TV screen.

As the play unfolds we come to know about Madhavi's real story! The interview that she gives to the TV channel shows her to be a happily married writer, who writes a book based on her paralysed sister.

There are several accusations levelled against her - about a marathi writer, coming out with a book in English which goes on to become a best seller., about writing about sexuality etc. But this is just the tip of the ice berg.

As the story unfolds we realise that Madhavi actually never wrote the book! We realise that the book was originally written by her ailing sister Mukta , who is much more intelligent and beautiful but Paralysed. in the final 6 years of her life, Mukta stays in Madhavi's home. Madhavi's husband Pramod and Mukta are deeply involved and the entire book is actually a true story written with explicit details in dialogues and their complex triangle of relationships!

Reema Lagoo, no doubt has done an excellent job! It is not easy to time the performance according to the pre recorded herself talking to her from the TV.

Rating: A must watch, A different kind of play!
Hats off to Mr.Girish Karnad for writing such a beautiful script!

Death at a Funeral Vs Daddy Cool

"Death at a Funeral" is an excellent British comedy film released in 2007! Its a must watch, You'll love it!

Bollywood is coming up with its own re-make called "Daddy cool". Looking at the posters it looks like the makers have copied it frame to frame!

Why then do they give the credit to Tushar hiranandani for script and screenplay? All the credit should go the writer of the original film- one Mr.Dean Craig.

I dont know if these guys have borrowed the copyrights, but if not....then someone needs to bring this to the notice of the original film makers and our Indian brothers should be sued for such shameless acts of stealing other's scripts!

P.S : They dont even spare the costumes! copied that too! And as for sophie's dress is concerned, in my 24 years of experience of being a Goan, I havent seen any lady wear bright red for a catholic funeral! This was The only place our guys went to experiment , they've messed it royally!

White Lily and The Night Rider

I am very fond of theatre. The unfortunate part is ,I've hardly seen any good dramas now a days! Comedy ki to baat hi chodo! There are so many "so called comedy" marathi plays , but when you are watching them, you wonder whether you are supposed to laugh at all? They are that pathetic! With the actors making weird faces, and body postures that are best described as vulgar! What happened to genuine comedy? genuine theatre?

Yesterday I came across a genuine piece of art' The play named " White Lily and The Night Rider".

There are only 2 main artists- RASIKA JOSHI, and MILIND PHATAK .


“White Lily & Night Rider” is the contemporary play - a black comedy - of a man & a woman in their 40’s. They are very close Chat Friends involved even in erotic chat. At one point of time they desperately want to meet each other to transform that virtual reality in to reality and may take the decision of marriage.

But when they meet person to person the showdown begins. Any known system of man – woman relationship is unacceptable to them. Neither can they accept the “Sanskars” of the previous generation, nor can they adjust to the thinking of the new generation! For them marriage as an institution is outdated and live in relationship is unthinkable!!

The play raises innumerable questions and confusions about the fundamentals of the relationship & companionship. Does this confusion end with self realization? Are they afraid of reality? Is the virtual reality more comfortable??

My Views on the play:

It is a must watch! The play endes with both the parties deciding that their relationship is at the best in the virtual world! The play is very much realistic. It brings to light how our society treats a 36 year old unmarried girl! How unsafe the world has become to women- you cannot trust anybody, and trusting an internet pal? That's the most dangerous thing to do!

It also shows in a way that there are no guarantees in life- marriage is a gamble and no matter how many precautions you take- something always happens, which you didnt expect it to happen. People who keep checking for a companion's compatibility with each other- whether sexual, mental etc. are missing the whole point.......the fun part of marriage is to get to know another person, where is the fun if you are looking out for your duplicate? As the age factor starts rising, you become less and less willing to change and to accept people as they are.

Every person can relate to this play differently and it succeeds in touching the soul of every generation!

This play is intellectual,funny and different- it is a mixture rare to find, so if it is being performed in your city, dont miss it!

You can contact the makers of this play on :

Monday, August 10, 2009

Chasing Dreams

Everybody told me.....they said they spoke out of their experience.....Its never worth chasing your dreams.... Cause they dont come real!

I listened to everybody and to all their experiences, their failures, their weaknesses.......

And yet I decided to chase my dreams!

There's a strange quality in dreams..... They are like shadows! The harder you chase them, the harder they run away from you!

The moment I stop and turn myself away from my dreams, they seem to follow me!

My dream is my shadow- It never leaves me- Whether I chase it or not!

The only puzzle now is-

Will I ever be able to catch my shadow?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lai's Story

I read Kiran's post on his friend Lai who is a brave cancer patient fighting the disease! I felt we need to spread the word about his fight, about his courage....!

Please visit his blog -

"laichinlun - A story of a Cancer fighter

I m 32 yrs old, have a good bright career. At my career most high time, I was diagnosed with nose cancer called NSP, advanced stage with 50% survival percentage.
I m writing this blog to motivate other CANCER patient like me. Cancer is a new begining, not an ending. Continue to read my story....

Feel free to add me to your facebook( If you know anybody who think they lost hope, recommend them to my blog.
I m a proud cancer patient"

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I am the most beautiful

I wake up one morning, happy and excited....I've seen a beautiful dream.....a dream of a princess.....I hope to see a miracle .....I rush to my mirror........and stare......I stare at a girl I don’t like to look at, she's always the one looking back at me, she's always the one disappointing me! Always the one I've to call me!

I lousily pack my bag, stuffing it with the school books!

My thoughts are tormenting me with thoughts......thoughts that had never touched me before, ideas that never occurred to me before.....

I am the best student in the school. The head girl, the captain of my house, the 1st ranker and the winner of various extra curricular activities!

I am the best dancer, the best orator, the best sportsman!

Then why today I feel like a total loser? .......I look around me and for the 1st time observe the other school girls.....Tina- whom I know as the math failure has been crowned a beauty queen on one TV show! Smitha, the frail looking, delicate darling is the queen of hearts of my school! My own close pal
Divya got a love letter last week..... and me? Not a single boy looks at me! They dont whistle , nor do they turn around to see me......its as if nobody cares about my intelligence, about what I do, about all my talent, all that the world sees is the external beauty!

I am a big haired, plum girl~ A thick pair of glasses decorates half my face! And my extra long clothes make me look double my size!

I want to scar my face, so that my parents will have to get a plastic surgery done on me- and I'll get a new face like Rekha from " Khoon Bhari Maang!"

Mom keeps saying, " Beta 15 is too young to go to those beauty parlors. Mahendra tell her na, those beauty treatments will spoil your face darling!"

My dad looks up from his newspaper... and smiles, " My princess! Who puts these ideas in your head, huh?"

" Everybody at school does it ma! They call me a bhalu cause I've hairy hands and bushy eyebrows! And my hair is like a bird's nest! I want to straighten it permanently. Everybody's moms let them do it....All of them go to the beauty parlors themselves and ask the saloon lady to do the treatments on their daughters, why cant you just be like the other moms? My send off is next week dad! I dont want to go there with this face!"

My dad now seriously looks at me after the hurried and emotional speech I delivered! A tiny tear rolls down my cheek...

" Okay... you... "

" Wait a min!" before my dad can complete, my mom brings up the objection....I seriously feel like banging my mom's head with a frying pan lying around me!

" We'll talk about it tonight, ok? You go to school now!"

I greet my teeth! Something inside me tells me that my wish will never be granted! But for the moment there is nothing I could do, so I choose to wait till the night!

After school, I attend my tuitions and my dance class. I haven’t been able to concentrate in anything today. Once again, I am expecting a miracle tonight! Throughout my tuitions I dreamt that my mother will be standing with a hair straightener to greet me when I get home, and my dad will be holding a big box of make up! Though I dont know where and how all that color fits one's face, but I want that Palette!

I enter my house, and over hear my mum speaking to someone on the phone.....Yes! The saloon Lady will be coming any moment!....I think to myself! As I got a little closer I hear the words clearly, “yes Mrs. Bhatia.... Please do so... You know this is causing a lot of tension for responsible parents like us. And its their 10th std, so I dont think they should get distracted because of such flimsy things! Alright Mrs. Bhatia... Thank you! Bye!"

" Why were you talking to my Principal? What did you tell her?"

" Nothing! You just chillax now, everything will be fine! Ok darling? come, I'll make something for you- What would you like today?"

" A hair straightener!" words naturally leave my mouth! She turns, Smiles and goes on with her chores as if I'd said nothing.

A big Notice on the wall greets every student the next day at school.

" Parents -teachers meeting will be held tomorrow at 5 pm, everybody's parents are expected to attend the meeting. - Only for class 10th student’s parent's- "

The next day a huge lecture is given by our Principal and some psychologist to all the parents not to encourage children of such young ages into beauty parlors. The underlining statement was - please do not follow the west blindly! Have mind over matter! Simple living high thinking!

My mother tells me a day before my send off " Now everybody will come just the way they look. Dont worry, you wont be the odd man out!"

wow! I think, Now I'll really know who's the hairiest! Who's got the most tangled unmanageable hair! That should be a lot of fun!

The day of the sendoff.

Mom drapes me in her beautiful saree, ....I go to school with high dreams, expecting to see some ahhh's and uhhh's!

My jaw is drops open at the front door itself..........Tina is wearing the most beautiful ghaghra I've ever seen in my entire life. her hair is made up in a beautiful hairstyle, her face is glittering and her lips shining with so much color...they look so inviting!

Smitha is also looking smashing, I see a lot of my class boys starring at her.. some even gave her a rose!!

Divya runs up to me..... she's clean and clear too, like everybody else! Perfect hands, perfect hair, perfect face! She's talking something to me, but I just cant hear it.....My mum betrayed me, she fooled me into believing her! She wants me to look ugly! My heart is beating so fast, i can hardly breath!

I push her away and flee that horrible school.... I walk as fast as I can in that saree, Divya for a while follows me calling my name- " what happened? wait , stop!"

" Dont follow me, get lost!"

After a while I dont hear any steps behind me. I rush straight to the bus stop, and climb into 1 of the buses!

I dont know where the bus is going......but I want to be in it. Lost in a crowd who dont know me, who dont recognize me! I lay my head on the window, the tears still coming, the thoughts still messing my head!~ I close my eyes......and I see her again, just like I see her every other night in my dreams.....She's the princess..... she's what I want to be.......

Image at

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Super Mommies!!

Now a days more and more women choose to work while their tiny tots are under the care, protection and guidance of a maid!

How good is this practice ? Should it be encouraged or discouraged? Is the life of a woman so short that she can’t spare a couple of months for her child? Career- money- jobs…. Is it more important then your child?

All the education, experience and sense that we earn through our intelligence- is it for our employer/company or for our next generation?

But I tend to have mixed feelings on this issue.

I saw a news report on a news channel wherein a mother of a 15 day old baby girl went to work. Now that her kids are all grown up, she says she had made the right decision since kids don’t require their mothers when they are small as much as guidance they require when they start going to school and reach higher standards!

I feel the mothers should stay home with their babies or work from home for at least 6 months when the child is breastfed. They also need to pay close attention to their health and in those 6 months should exercise and concentrate on being physically fit.

What I don’t understand right now is how can you concentrate in work when your child is at home? At least if you have your in laws or parents to help out, it’s a different situation, but how sane is it to keep a child with a maid?

{The problem with Indian laws is that it gives only 3 months paid leave to a mother.}

Some believe, Issues like imparting values and manners come later, when a child reaches the age of 3 or something like that- that is the time when the parents have to take the responsibility for their wards. Before that the child doesn’t need the mother much.

Another trend I’ve seen now a days is most women prefer a c-section even when their doctors advice a normal delivery, just because they are scared to go through the pain! I fail to understand where all this education goes? A normal delivery is anytime better for a woman’s health. Only if there are complications, the doctor advises one to go for a c-section.

But Overall , from my observation what is important is bringing up a child!
And that is not dependant on whether you are working or a stay at home mom. I’ve seen a lot of my friends, who are very well brought up, and amazing human beings had all their mothers working when they were young. Of course a few examples here and there exist of out of hand brats! But that goes to children brought up by stay at home moms too. If you stay at home but don’t give the right values then what is the whole point? You rather go and work!

Well! Motherhood is a difficult thing! And I really don’t know if I should’ve commented on it! But I feel strongly about this issue, so thought of sharing it. I would like to know your point of view about this issue.
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