Saturday, September 5, 2009

It has to start somewhere,
It has to start sometime,
What better place than here,
What better time than NOW?

-Guerrilla Radio,
Rage Against The Machine.

The Cow

Friday, September 4, 2009

"Film Making"

One of the most fascinating fields according to me! And I am just loving the process of making one right now!

I dont know exactly when I fell in love with films, nor did I ever think this would become a lifelong passion!

There's no department I am not interested in knowing or learning about- nor any department I dont know anything about! Film making involves so much observation- and I feel everyone and anyone can make one, a film that reflects his/her thought process!

Whether its acting, costumes, direction or art or production..... give me any job and I love to put my flavour in it!

Strange, how I feel about this field! Never have I loved anything or anyone more than this!

Just one prayer to the almighty, let me do this all my life! Let me observe, create, learn and get fascinated with this field till I take my last breath!

Passing Thoughts

A bit busy these days so no time to write long, thoughtful expressions /musings of my mind....but a thought crossed my mind today.....

In life , what you purposely dont do is as important as what you do!
The same as knowing what not to say, and what to say!
Sometimes 'not doing' an act , can take you places!

Say what?
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