Monday, February 22, 2010

Where Is The Indian?

An Incident happened today in the bus.

I just got in and took a seat, was listening to music and as always was in my own world.
The TC/conductor was collecting the money, I couldnt see him because I was on the 1st seat. So when my stop neared, I gave the money for the ticket! The TC probably thought I ignored him all this while...( in any case, why should I be paying attention to him?? But whatever...) , he refused to take the money, instead he gave me a lecture on how we North Indians think too smart of ourselves and we, the North Indians take the South Indians for granted and now a days how hoards of us are settling down in Bengaluru and spoiling the city's culture! All in all, I feel he just missed one dialogue- I was expecting him to say, " We should also have our own Shiv sena here who takes care of people like you!"

I only smiled in return and waited for my stop!

Just before getting down, I went to him and disclosed my real identity, " I am not a North Indian!"

" Then? A South Indian?", He looked shocked and worried!

" No. I am only an Indian!"

It's not his that I am not a localite, I realize how my fellow countrymen treat our own people!
When I've got angry at non Goans , I've definitely called them "Ghatis"!

We all love to divide and rule, don't we?

We Goans feel there is something different about us, some sort of class which these South Indians lack!
South Indians think we Goans only know to show our skin and get drunk!
North Indians pride themselves on their color and build!

I don't really know where I belong?
Map wise , I am a west Indian, then there are east Indians, and are people from the islands- island Indians?

Where is the Indian?Huh?Huh??

An American visited India and went back to America
Where he met his Indian friend who asked him
How did u find my Country
The American said it is a great country
With solid ancient history
And immensely rich with natural resources.
The Indian friend then asked.
How did u find Indians??

Who Indians??
I didn't find or met a single Indian there in India.

What nonsense??
Who else could u met in India then??
The American said..
In Kashmir I met a Kashmiri
In Punjab a Panjabi
In Bihar, Maharastra, Rajasthan, Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala
Bihari, Marathi, Marwadi, Bengali, Tamilian, Malayali

Then i met
A Hindu,
A Muslim,
A Christian,
A Jain,
A Buddhist

And many many many more
But not a single Indian did i meet

Think how serious this joke is..
The day would not be far off when indeed we would
Become a collection of nation states as some
Regional anti-national politicians want...
Fight back -
Always say I am Indian
Jai hind

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Name Is Khan Review

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't be wasting your time and money in watching this film either in the theaters or on your laptops!

1. The story makes no sense! In short the story can be explained in 2 sentences- "My name is Khan! And I am not a terrorist!" Karan and SRK shouldn't have wasted so much of their money on these 2 statements!

2. SRK's acting is pathetic! He's said to have Asperger's syndrome, a disorder which makes it difficult for people to interact when he meets his bhabi for the first time, he doesn't even look at her- or avoids looking at her. But the same Khan leads a group of people into aiding some Hurricane victims..........His character doesn't make any sense at all! He's shown to hate the colour 'Yellow' , so much so that he's unable to cross a road cause of yellow lines on the road! But he seems quite comfortable in the company of a big yellow pumpkin!

3. The film goes to show how much love Mr. Karan Johar has for America.
a. Almost the whole film is shot in America.
b. There are more American actors than Indian actors.
c. The film gives you information about the American History and geography.
d. Mr. Johar's love for American Presidents' is almost unbelievable!

4. 2nd half of the film will kill you!

5. It's a boring film!

Lots of other things to dislike about the film, but I wouldn't even waste more time brooding about it! Foreigners might like this film or NRI's maybe........definitely not meant for a true Indian!

What's good about the film?

1. Music is good. Actually its just about okay.

2. You get to see Kajol after a very long time. Though her acting aint anything special, nor is her character, still least- you get to see her, and she looks the same, doesn't look old!

3. 1st half is watchable.

4. The woman playing Jimmy Shergil's wife's role Sonya Jehan ( Guess that's her name) is very pretty !

Any other plus points then please add on!

But that's that!

The critics on TOI ( Goa Edition) gave this film 5 stars........ I think any kind of journalism should be practiced with a lot of responsibility! The critics who've given more than 3 stars for this film - I don't know which is the likable angle in this film. Yes! As always technically the film is good- but what we want is a story!

The last film I watched which was as bad as this one was ' Chandni Chowk to China' .........that film , though pachku- was a comedy, so you could leave behind your logic! But not this one! This film doesn't deserve your sympathy nor your attention! All the hype with the Shiv Sena Controversy is only to make audiences to go and watch this film!

My Rating: * / 1 star.

( Some people might argue about the film being good, as they argued that Saawariya by Sanjay Leela Bhansali was a good film! How each person perceives a piece of art is different, how it touches each one's heart is based on his set of experiences!

Would this film ( My name is Khan) get the same critical acclaim and appreciation if it wasn't for Karan Johar's direction ? If it wasn't For Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role?

Just because it is made by 2 of countries biggest productions ( Dharma and Red Chillies) and stars the countries biggest star and everyone's favorite Kajol can't earn it 5 stars!

Would this film work without SRK in it? Or Kajol in it? Or the Karan Johar factor in it?

Would you still watch it? Would you have still liked it?
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