Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The first rains in Bengaluru

It's my first "Rains" in Bengaluru!

Yesterday late evening I went to drop my  brother on the bus stand along with my sister. It was around 8.30 pm and we both ( me and my sis) were still stuck on the bus stand , waiting for a volvo to take us back home. It was already windy by then! And within a few minutes it started raining!

My first reaction to every first rain is to go out and drench myself in it! I hate to hide myself when it rains.....that too for silly reasons like "my dress will get wet!" (It gets wet when you wash it anyway!)

But I didn't run out in the rains this time,
First:  It was late and my sis had already got hyper about not getting a Volvo to go back home! I can imagine what would happen if I had drenched myself.......
a. she would catch me by my ear and hit me with the only frail umbrella that we were carrying!
b. Swear that she wouldn't allow me to step inside 'her' home!
c. Pack my bags and send me back to Goa, probably by the same bus that my bro was traveling!

Since I didn't want to be beaten up in the middle of a major bus stand, nor wanted to take the risk of having to sleep outside in the rains nor did I want to go back to Goa- So I resisted stepping out, and enjoyed the showers by only passing under it in the pretext of checking out the buses!

The reason I love rains so much is probably because I was born on a rainy day! I remember each and every birthday of mine used to be so wet! For Every birthday party, I would tell my friends to carry 2 pairs of clothes! The first party wear for the cake cutting ceremony ( till their parents dropped them at my place and left!) and second ( rainy wear!) .

One of our major games used to be "Adventures under the Tunnel!" . We have an old Portuguese house in Goa, and a big tunnel ( for water drainage) runs under the front yard of our house! This tunnel carries the water from the Mont Hill, which is situated at the back of our house or rather my house is at the foot hills of the Mont!

By the time I was celebrating my birthday by mid June , the tunnel used to be filled with water and even tiny fishes! Me and my friends loved splashing in this water or simply trekking through the tunnel from our house to the Mont! There used to be many challenges while we trekked in there- big frogs- And by big I mean really biiiig! The goal of the game was to trek till the Mont- so we had to overcome every difficulty in the way!

Water varied in its depths at some points - so many friends would even take a full dip! There were stories about water snakes being there in the tunnels too........though personally I never saw one, at every game, somebody would scream on top of their voices " Snaaaakkkke!"  and everybody would run for their lives!

In the rush that would follow, some tried to climb up the wet slippery wall, some others lost their footwear- and they had to run downhill trying to catch their floating chappals, some others like me who knew very well there was no snake would take that opportunity to simply push people around and make them nervous!

After we all had screamed and got wet till our heart's desire we would return home to eat and dress up!

Even now when I see the tunnel filled with water, I've the desire to jump in and splash the water- but I miss my childish friends! Now everyone cares too much about their age and what people would say.........Personally, I don't think we are ever too old to play any kind of games as long as it can entertain us! Not that me and my friends have lost our fear of frogs and snakes!

As I grew up, there was only another girl who thought like me and didn't mind going wild in rains- Sharvani! For the last couple of years, every time it rains heavily, we take our bike and wear no rainy gear and go out for a long ride! There's no fun driving a car in the rains- the bike- any kind - is all you need!

"Rains" remind me of the film "Bombay" cause it starts in the rains and the love story looks more beautiful set in rains!
"Rains" also remind me of the film "Taal".
"Rains" remind me of the monsoon treks! Forests are the most exciting places to be in during rains! The greenery, the sound of small water falls , the happy birds chirping fills the atmosphere with so much freshness!  The rain drops falling on big and small leaves have their own rhythm.......all you need to do is sit quietly on a rock,  and listen and feel the monsoons!

Here in Bengaluru I miss a friend like sharvani who would just be ready for any wild activities in a matter of seconds! I miss my bike! And I miss trekking in the wild!

I've heard Karnataka has some of the best outdoors and I can't wait to explore them this monsoons!

Anybody game for some wild activities this monsoons?

Monday, March 8, 2010

On This Woman's Day

I realise, it is not only about expecting the male species to respect the woman kind and treat them well.................It is also up to each one of us- a woman, to respect what we are~!

Not to expect us to be understood and treated well by someone else outside of us, but to look within and like and understand the god's creation that we are!
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