Monday, July 19, 2010

The Window!

A young couple moves into a new neighborhood. Next morning while they are eating their breakfast, the young woman sees through their window, her neighbors hang their washed clothes outside.

"That laundry is not very clean." She said, " She probably doesn't know how to wash clothes correctly! Perhaps she needs a better laundry soup!" Her husband looked on but remained silent.

Every time her neighbour would hang her wash to dry, the young woman would pass the same comments.

About one month later, the young woman was surprised to see nice bright well washed clothes on the line and she said to her husband, " Look, she has finally learnt how to wash correctly! I wonder who taught her that!"

Her husband said, " I woke up early in the morning and cleaned our windows!"

And so it is with life:

"What we see when watching others depends on the purity of the window through which we look. Before we give any criticism it would be better to check our state of mind and ask ourselves if we are ready to see the good rather than to be looking for something else in the person we are about to judge!"

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Meeting the Real Howard Roark! ( Reading the Fountainhead Part 2)

He is slender, not too tall, straight jet black hair, sharp eyes and a mocking , smirk-like smile adorns his child like face! This isn't the first time I am seeing him, he is the son of a family friend, but we've hardly ever spoken. I only heard stories of him, stories of his rebellious nature, stories of his experiments with life...................but there wasn't a word I heard from him...he was quiet, always , as if someone had punished him and he wasn't to speak until permitted!

Something about his face was highly attractive, those deep black steady eyes showed self assurance and confidence....he walked straight, easily, and at his own pace, never too fast, never too slow.

Once, I tried to strike some conversation, he looked disinterested, I did not feel offended ( surprisingly! Because if any other guy had done that, I would never turn back and look at him a 2nd time......but this guy was different. Something told me it wasn't about ego or intention.....there was more and I had to know him )and decided I rather observe this guy and study him before talking to him again.

This man is not the conventional guy you meet everyday....for matters of privacy I cannot disclose his name. people laugh at him, because he doesn't do what they expect him to do.....he's his own boss. Everybody advices him about what to do in life, I doubt he's ever asked anyone for their opinions so he never insults them but he never abides them too and then people feel insulted ! That's why he is almost in everybody's bad books!

For a while I thought, which girl would ever be interested in a guy like this?? But upon having observed him for a few days and on a few occasions, i wondered, which woman wouldn't fall for him??

When he does decide to speak, all you can ever do is shut up and listen because his stories are like none other, his experiences of life - like something you've never imagined, never heard....and it's the stuff he's done, not some cooked up stories like you hear from most other guys.......
He quickly makes friends with guys,
and the villagers and yes children too,
For some reason, he always chooses which girls he will talk to, and once he does choose, he'll take her on a ride of a lifetime....

I admire men like these in whose company i feel different, whose auras give me a sense of the possibilities of human life and strength......he might be a no one to the world today.....but he's definitely someone amusing for me! He's not someone you meet and forget, but someone you remember for a lifetime........Whenever I sit down to write of a central, male character, its his face I see!

When I first decided to start blogging, my first blog was based on him. But I never could complete it, because I could never understand him fully. When I read The Fountainhead, just a few paragraphs about Howard Roark and the puzzle pieces fell into its place, it was alomost like finding the key to knowing this guy ...

Reading the fountainhead from that point onwards became much more interesting, because I could relate to it. I have met the "Peter Keating" types too, not one, but several of them.....they never make you feel good! Even if you are happy with them at a particular point, you can never trust them, because they are so scared of something.......they are always over burdened with finding responsibility and stability in life! I always look down upon these 2 things- Responsibility and Stability...because they spoil the essence of life, they kill the adventure in a man and make him nothing but a robot!

Fountainhead hasn't been an eye opener, in fact it is more like coming face to face with many emotions within me, which I always tried to hide, which I thought were bad...............Fountainhead only made me more comfortable with myself and my ideas!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon! (1975)

Oh I thought I would just "Buzz" about it in a few sentences, or put it as my facebook status, but this film needs to be spoken about.....This film needs to be watched!

I read about this film while going through some film related websites, and magazines and books. All of them speak highly about it.

I have never watched anything like this film before- its different!

1: It is based on a true life incident of an armed bank robbery gone terribly bad!

2: You cannot believe the robbers!! They are complete idiots, jokers both of them- and to think of it, they are real human beings who actually behaved the way they did that day when they were robbing a bank! And they thought they'll get away with it!

3: The series of events that unfold are ridiculous!

4. And Oh Al Pacino! Did I tell you Al Pacino is playing the part of the main robber "Sonny"? He combines drama with comedy with so much ease! His expressions, reactions- so natural and so funny!

5. A lot of attention has been paid to characterization- not just the main but  all others!

Genre: Comedy Thriller!

Stars: ****/ 4 stars

Here's a teaser: " On a hot Brooklyn afternoon, 2 optimistic nobodies set out to rob a bank. Sonny ( Al Pacino) is the mastermind, Sal ( John Cazale) is the follower and disaster is the result!"

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The 1st Date!

She did not want it to be a romantic was just a friendly date, she had made that very clear with him....
But unknowingly, she was taking special care in getting ready. She chose a very pretty top and a proper fit jeans, long earrings and the costliest perfume she owned.

He looked at himself in the mirror and remembered her warnings and " I'm just making it very clear" sentences filling up all of their chats for the past 1 week or so that they had been chatting. He smiled to himself mischivously and thought "Girls....Indian girls!"

They had not met each other - ever.
He had sent her a friend request on FB.
They did not have any mutual friends.
She accepted , simply looking at his snap!

They both lived in the same city...she would have never met him in other circumstances! She had a strict policy: No meeting chat friends!! But this time she was ready to make an exception. She had spoken to him on the phone and loved his voice, besides his looks of course and of course he was extremely witty in his chats...what more can one ask for?

They had decided to meet up for lunch !

12.30pm: She waited outside the mall, holding a yellow rose..

And he came, she had her back to him.
Him: Hi!
Her: ( surprised, shock, bewilderment) What are you doing here?
Him: I was just around the corner and saw you standing here for quite some time so thought of.....
Her: I don't want to talk to you.....Just.....How many times do I have to tell you that? it's over! Just go away....okay?
Him: Are you waiting for someone?
Her: None of your business.

He thought for a while, she clearly ignored him.................he left.

After a while.......

Him: must be Shikha!
Her: (Turns: Smiling, pleased, happy) Yes......Hi!
Him: So let's go in....

They were seated in a posh restaurant, and so far the date had been going on very smoothly.

But suddenly he asks,

Him: How do you know Rohit?
She almost chokes.
Her: What? who?
Him: I saw you talking to Rohit before I approached you.
Her: How do you know him?
Him: I asked 1st!
Her: I wouldn't like to answer.
Him: oooo......something's cooking huh?
Her: why don't you tell me?
Him: Funny isn't it? We don't have any mutual friends but the 1st time we decide to meet, we have found a common friend.
She is thoughtful......
Him: Rohit is my best friend from childhood.
She is even more thoughtful, how come she never heard of him before.....
She: ....How come I never met you then?
Him: I was abroad. ( he takes a sip of water) now I know....his Shikha....The girl he's been going mad about for the past 3 years......he was are quite was wrong with Rohit that you left him suddenly? and you wouldn't even talk to him?
Her: Hey, I don't want to talk about him.
Him: And I don't want to talk about anything but him!
Her: Then I guess we better stop here.

And then Rohit comes and has a sit on the same table.
She watches the 2 of them and the whole picture is clear to her.

She laughs,
Her: Great Friendship!

And gets up to leave the table.
Rohit: I would never let you see anybody else.....I'll always track you down, no matter where you are.....You belong to me!
Shikha: (Smiles sweetly and leaves)

Rohit was so angry, he muttered under his breath: "If you don't understand when I am patient with you, I know other methods....."
There is a small bottle in Rohit's hands.
Rohit swiftly stands and starts walking behind her .
She , with her back on him, takes out her mobile and dials 100.

He sat on the table, looking at the glass of water in his hands.
He had liked her, really liked her- even though it was all planned.
He knew Rohit well and had come to understand that Rohit did not deserve a girl like Shikha.
He did...she was his kind. and for the sake of friendship, he had to blow up everything.
But not now....Rohit had given him a reason to act otherwise, the girl's life was in danger and he had to do something.

He turned to look at Rohit and saw Rohit opening the bottle, Rohit was within reach of shikha.......he had to act fast, if he was to call out to her, she would stop and that would be her a swift move, he leaped to his feet and ran after Rohit......At that very point, Rohit made his move, he leaped in front to catch hold of shikha's shoulder.......

So he  ran  with all the energy he had, He dashed against shikha, she fell to the ground, and the acid bottle in Rohit's hand was emptied on his face!

Suraj- that was his name!
 He lay in his hospital bed, his face and neck covered in bandages....he could not see, though he was not blinded totally, his eyes were damaged and the extent of the damage was yet to be known.

Shikha entered the room with red roses.
She looked at him and could not fight back her tears. His was the face that was once the most attractive face to her eyes, that's why she had agreed to meet him, that's why she had made an exception.........and now it was all gone.
She went to him , held his hands gently...
"It's me...Shikha"

He could not speak but he tried to listen.....attentively.

"And I want to ask you out, for our 1st 'Romantic Date' get well soon, I'll be waiting for you."
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