Friday, July 2, 2010

Dog Day Afternoon! (1975)

Oh I thought I would just "Buzz" about it in a few sentences, or put it as my facebook status, but this film needs to be spoken about.....This film needs to be watched!

I read about this film while going through some film related websites, and magazines and books. All of them speak highly about it.

I have never watched anything like this film before- its different!

1: It is based on a true life incident of an armed bank robbery gone terribly bad!

2: You cannot believe the robbers!! They are complete idiots, jokers both of them- and to think of it, they are real human beings who actually behaved the way they did that day when they were robbing a bank! And they thought they'll get away with it!

3: The series of events that unfold are ridiculous!

4. And Oh Al Pacino! Did I tell you Al Pacino is playing the part of the main robber "Sonny"? He combines drama with comedy with so much ease! His expressions, reactions- so natural and so funny!

5. A lot of attention has been paid to characterization- not just the main but  all others!

Genre: Comedy Thriller!

Stars: ****/ 4 stars

Here's a teaser: " On a hot Brooklyn afternoon, 2 optimistic nobodies set out to rob a bank. Sonny ( Al Pacino) is the mastermind, Sal ( John Cazale) is the follower and disaster is the result!"



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