Tuesday, August 31, 2010

U N I ( Part 3)


Don't get her wrong because she is happy about her Boss's broken leg!
And she openly bitched about his bad habits....

Juhi is ....well! She is not anything at all like Priyanks Chopra or any other Bollywood heroine.
Juhi is a bit like Meg Ryan actually! She is cute.
She is hard working, very sincere, frank .....and above all she has childlike innocence!
She is a bit short by height, she has short straight shiny hair - just above shoulders and she never wears jeans to work!

Surprised huh? Looking at her attitude she fits more to be in western clothes, but no....she wears well fitting , cotton or silk chudidaars - no dupattas! Her hair is tied in a pony, wears oxidized jewellery - long earrings, rings, and a plain snake chain without a pendant! shoes?? Flats! By the way she has well maintained pedicured feet....And yeah...Dr.Krupal did notice them...Of course he did!

Early morning, the next day. to be exact : 5 am!
Juhi received a text message , " Good Morning! Rise and Shine! Our date time and venue: 8 pm saturday at Fuga. I can come to pick you up. sms me your address!"

Juhi checked the message at 7.30 when she woke up. " Not ‘please sms me your address’........Just ‘sms me’- order...huh?"

It was a Friday. She sms'd the address promptly.

Fuga is quite a well known Pub cum Disc in Bangalore.
Dr. Krupal was at her doorstep in Kormangala 1st Block at sharp 8pm.
He was pleasantly surprised to see this Indian tigress in a slim fit black jeans and a silver off shoulder top.

" Don't you want to know why Fuga?" Krupal asked her in the car. His attitude and tone was quite sober today, but her attitude was the same.
" To get me drunk and get me into bed! What else?" She snapped back.

He suddenly became a bit conscious, as if someone had said something bad about his character.
“I’m sorry!” He said in a low tone.
She did not say anything. She sat there with crossed hands.

"I have never behaved so shamelessly with anybody before.....maybe it is something about you that made me behave like that!"

She turned to look at him, " You are actually blaming me for the way you behaved? Didn't anyone teach you to take any responsibility in life?"

" Of course I take responsibility. All my patients are my responsibility...including your boss!"
" You don't have to remind me that all the time."

They entered the pub and took a seat. When the waiter approaced them, Krupal turned to her, " I suppose you wont have drinks, mocktails perhaps?"
" Of course I will have drinks! Especially because you are paying......lets start with whatever is the costliest on the menu.....How about Long Island Ice Tea...I'll have that!"

Drinks in Bengaluru are costly, and drinks in discs especially are Damn costly!

The waiter started jotting down the order......Juhi pushed the menu to Krupal pointing at the price of her cocktail.....his eyes popped out... " This is just the 1st drink! You have no idea about my capacity!"

" And what can I get for you sir?" The waiter asked Krupal.
" Nothing for me...I don't drink!"
" Of course you do! Get him the same cocktail!" Juhi teased.
" I have to drive back home. I don't drink and drive. Responsible behaviour you know?"
"Really? Okay! But still make that 2, I'll have both of them."

Krupal felt Rs.1000 credited from his pocket in the 1st 5 minutes of their date!
Not a very pleasant feeling.

As the music caught on and the night progressed, Krupal felt his pockets going lighter with every drink going down Juhi's throat!

" Stop! That's enough!" He finally announced when she could barely stand.
" What do you think? Only you can test others patience? You think being a man you can outsmart us women? You are wrong Dr. Krupal!"
" Yes Tanker Lady! I am wrong! Now can you just put on your jacket, I need to get you home ....safely!"
" Hey Doc! What do you think......I had that coffee with you to save my fucking job? If I really did not want to come with you, I wouldnt have come. You think I love my job so much and I am so damn scared of my boss that I gave you my cell number and my address and I came here to get drunk with a smart ass doc like youself??"

Krupal took her purse and he put her jacket on her shoulders. He caught her hand and started walking towards the exit. Just when they stepped out , she turned to face him and put her hands around his neck.
" Do you really know how difficult it is in India to find smart confidant guys like  you?"
" Do you know it is even more difficult to find smart intelligent and beautiful girls like you for a company? Thank you Madam for a wonderful company and gotta tell you...you dance really well!" He said and took her hands in his and walked her to his car.
" Dr. Krupal.....why are you acting like a gentleman? It doesn't go on your personality! Be naughty...that makes you look sexy!"
" You are drunk Juhi...."
" Yes....And I want you to kiss me now."
" I don't kiss girls when they are drunk..."
" Why didn't you tell me this before I started drinking?"
" You never told me your intentions..."
" Okay....well! You don't kiss me....but I'm allowed to kiss you...." and she leaned in to kiss him and he moved back.
" What now?" She asked irritated.
" I've a girl friend. We are planning to get married in 8 months time."
She stood still for a while, not sure what to do next. " drop me home please."

They quietly got into the car and he drove her home.

( To be continued........)

Monday, August 30, 2010

U N I ( Part 2)

Location: Hospital Cafetaria

Krupal ordered for 2 coffees as they sat down in a dirty corner.

" There's a CCD across the street, you could have taken me out for a coffee there!"
Krupal looked around , " Why? What's wrong with this place?"
"Don't you have functional eyes and nose? Don't you see and smell?"
" I find it to be fine!"
" I find it dirty, unclean, unkept!"
" We could appoint you as some manager to look after the cleanliness of the hospital.... what's your qualification between?"
" I am a MBA..."
" Aha! Perfect!"
" In Finance!" She finished rolling her eyes, " What's up with you?"
He looked down at himself and looked back at her, " Guess...Nothing!"
She couldn't believe him....He was getting on to her nerves......he had blackmailed her, bossed over her and now he was grossing her out! And she had to put up with him just because her job was on the line,the golden opportunity was on the line.....the opportunity that she had been waiting for the past 1 year......She could not let that go, no.....no matter what happens, she wouldn't let that slip off from her hands... she kept telling herself these sentences repeatedly...he was enjoying looking at her....the coffees came!

He picked up his glass and sipped it, she did not move.

" Alright...what do you want from me?" She spoke out.
" I can't believe you are asking me this question after my last response!"
" What would you take to keep your fucking mouth shut?" She was angry but she kept her voice low.
" A date with you."
" Where? When? Just one date ...and we are done with this....okay?"
" One date and we are done with it!"
She picked up her coffee and sipped it.
" It's better than the one's in CCD, isn't it?" he asked.
" I am not going to a shady place for our date!"
" Where do you want to go?"
" Hmmm....." and before she could answer,
" No! I will decide that!" He had spoken again! Dominated again!
She opened her mouth to say something...
" I will decide...." He stressed his words...
" Fine!" She stressed hers!

They finished their coffee in silence. She was glad he did not say anything else, but she was extremely irritated and uncomfortable with his stare that was stuck on her the whole time.

As I've already mentioned in my comment, Krupal looks a bit like Virat Kohli....smart.....and more than his looks, its really that attitude of his that makes him.....what can I say... Impressive!!

and Juhi..... I can tell you what she looks like only if someone asks for it ;-)

She shot up the instant she finished her coffee.
" Your number ma'am!"
She instantly told it to him...no hassles, no more questions!
" I'll call you!" He said.
" Of course!" She replied with a fake smile.
She walked out angrily, like a tigress...like how models walk on international ramps, angry, sexy, and undoubtedly unmissable!

( To be continued......)

U N I ( Part 1)

They stood in the empty hall......looking around and then turned to look at each other.
" My o My! Finally....we are here!" She said breaking the silence.
They knew each other only for a month- no more, no less! This was one of those crazy silly impulsive decisions of his that he rarely ever took!

The work men were bringing in their stuff......not much of it though. They had no furniture! Just bags.... mostly full of clothes, the rest of the things had to be bought.

Krupal paid off the workmen and they left.

Juhi was still wide eyed, breathing fast and looking around........basically she looked very unstable, unsure......Krupal looked at her, " It's okay now...sit down!"

"We are actually going to start living in together!! Do you realize what that can be like? What if my parents find out? I've an uncle staying in Bengaluru you know? I mean...talking about it.......I always gave this a thought, so did all my girl friends....but all of them chose marriage...and I chose this! That too with a guy I don't even love......"
She stopped walking around and came and sat near him.

He did not have any less of issues on his mind.

All that they had been doing since they met 1 month back wasn't any less crazy.....but by far...this was too much!

Why did they do it?

Juhi was a MBA from a prestigious university...

And he was a doctor working for one of the top hospitals in Bengaluru!

They had everything they needed.....a good paying job, even lovers......

They met through a common friend, the day the common friend met with an accident, the common friend was his classmate in school and now her boss..

The only thing missing in their "Perfect Lives" was a bit of spice!

Their 1st date was in his consultancy, which had started off with him explaining how many cracks her boss has in his leg.

" How many months will he have to be on bed then?"

" 1 month for sure...it’s the leg so he better not put too much pressure!"

" Ohh.....that means I will have to be in charge of everything then!" She half said it to herself.

His phone rang and he turned his back on her,

She happily punched her fist in the air. Finally she would get the opportunity to showcase her capabilities.....Yuhuuu...another punch in the air....

" You seem very happy with the news!" He had finished his call!

" Ummm......." She tried to think quickly of an explanation but she knew her punches had very well given her away......so she smiled, " I know its mean of me to be happy about my Boss's broken leg , but I've been working so hard for the past 1 year to get an opportunity to really showcase my talent and if not his broken leg then I don't know what else would give me that opportunity!"

" Were you in any case responsible for breaking his leg?" He asked suspiciously and waited for her response, narrowing his eyes...

" Yes.....I prayed for it..." She replied keeping in tune with his tone,
and then," Hell No! I would never do anything like that....it was an accident!" She smiled naughtily.

He smiled back, " So is he a very difficult boss?"

" Don't ask!" She replied making a face.

" Does he still like get all sweaty and nervous when there are issues to be dealt with?"

" Totally! And I hate that! It's so like eww to see someone all sweaty in an air conditioned room!" She said all that and then she thought for a second, " Do you already know my boss by any chance?"

" He was my best buddy in school! Bench mates!"

She shook her head in disbelief! She had never fucked up so badly with anyone before. 1st the air punch and now this.....she just did not know how to get up and get lost from his clinic and this doctor....she decided she would keep it simple..., "Alright Doc! I think I've done enough damage for myself today, more damage than my boss's broken leg. I better be going now. Hope not to meet you again, this has been so embarrassing!" She got up, picked her purse and started walking to the door.

" What's your name?"

She turned ," I rather not tell you that."

" I can find out from your boss!"

" No.....Don't!........ I'm Juhi!"

He walked to her and extended his hand, " I am Dr. Krupal! Now may I ask your company for a cup of coffee?" She looked around in a gesture to turn down the offer, " And I would suggest you not to put this offer down else all your secrets will be out of the box!"

" This is blackmail!"

" I would call it a pick up line!"

" A pick up line with no room for a negative answer??"

" Isn't that like ultra smart?"

" Yeah! I don’t believe I actually believed all this time that all docs are lame!"

" Oooooh! That hurt!"

" Target achieved......now let's go...we are even!"

And that was how it began.

( To be continued in parts........)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Politically Incorrect!

I've been wondering what new topic I want to write about.... I don't want to talk about the supposedly GOOD things today- about changing the society, questioning our outdated traditional values, about the right things to do, to say, to think........It's kind of Boring.......Hmmm...let me talk about something different......let me be politically Incorrect!

There's this poem a friend forwarded me the other day and it got me thinking...

Please Note: With this post I do not mean to encourage doping....nor am I against it!

It's each one's personal choice!
That's it!

Stoners live and stoners die,
but in d end u all get high.
so if in life u dont succeed,
fuck it all n smoke sum weed.
sex,drugs n rock n roll.
speed, weed n birth control.
life's a bitch n then u die,
so fuck it all n lets get high..
I'm sayin this poem to make a point,
life's a bitch without a joint.
weed is a plant that grows in the ground,
If god dint like it, it wouldnt be found.
so tell all Do's who don't get high
2 shut d fuck up n giv it fuckin a try

n say,



I was taught that smoking, drinking, drugs is a bad thing to do and people who do all of that should be kept far away. It's like a taboo in the society that I live in to talk openly about topics like these. Surprisingly in my exprience of life, I found that when you meet people, all that really matters is how pure their soul is, how good they are by heart.....it doesn't really matter whether they are dopers or not because I've some awesome friends who dope and I wouldn't let go of them for whatever reason!

There was a time I thought highly about people who never drink or smoke or don't have any addictions.......but well! A person needs to have human qualities to be respected....everything else comes later.

I did argue with my doper friends to quit doping, that they are blowing up their lives and health and money.....And then suddenly I thought about my cousin brother who died in an accident a few years back...he was all of 25 or 26 I guess.......and then I thought about life, about respecting it, treating it right! Does it really matter??

Now I think, all that matters, is what makes you happy....Nothing comes with guarantees... so as long as you live, live your way, with your rules and as they say- Fuck it all if "The Right Thinking People" don't like it! To hell with them!

When you get just one shot at life,

Why not experience getting a High?

Why not spread wings and fly?

Why not love truly, get hurt and cry?

Why not take a risk sharing a secret?

Why not believe you can find your soul mate?

Why not laugh the deepest laughter?

Why not be your own Master?

Why not make a mistake once in a while?

Why not fall down , get up and have a smile?

Why not commit a small sin?

Why not get a bit naughty and mean?

When you get just one shot at life,

Get out there and add some spice!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


There are these times when one wants to say so much, express one's views......
And the other times when one wants to keep it all in one's heart!
There is so much to say, but one just doesn't find the right words,
Or one's logic asks one - Why do you have to say it? Who cares?

Seriously, who cares what one thinks?
Who cares whether one's heart aches to see pain and suffering,
or that one's soul is pure?

That one is probably lonely,
That one needs a friend!

Who cares whether one is an intellectual or one is just a slave taking orders?
Who cares?

But surprisingly one day, one finds out that there is another one,
Who cares, who bothers about  what one thinks...
One who insists one to speak out one's mind and express the innermost feelings...
One who makes one be a better person,
One who makes life worth living and exploring!

A big Thank you to all those "One's" who care for the one's in their lives and make this life so much more beautiful to live!
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