Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Will we meet again?

A few times I've met people I would have loved to spend some more time with...would have loved to talk some more, share some more, know some more....but there wasn't any time and I'd to say an unwilling goodbye, hoping to meet them again sometime in life!

This used to happen a lot when I was younger, usually meeting people at camps, sharing addresses and phone numbers and trying hard to keep in touch while the distance tore us apart. And then I reached a point when I stopped sharing my contact details. I had become so sure of never meeting them again . I would always live in the moments and enjoy the company of the person while we had the time together.

But this sunday, I was in for a pleasant surprise!
There was a friend request from a friend I'd met over 10 years ago.
I remember, it was a 1 day trek at Doodhsagar waterfall. And I remember walking the whole stretch talking to him about school, about sports, about environment and friends and studies. We were both in 9th standard then, we went to different schools but lived in the same city.
We never met or contacted each other after that trek.

He was a good looking boy and I remembered him for a long time.
When I reached college, I wondered where he would be now.
I wondered , does he remember me as much as I remember him?
All I had was a photograph we had clicked.
I though I was being foolish. I thought I was being childish!

But seeing that familiar face on my facebook brought a smile to my face, it took me down the memory lane, took me 10 years back into that forest, on that narrow mudroad.... And in a second I realised that yes! He thought of me as much as I did. He liked me as much as I liked him. And though a lot of time has passed by and we have grown up , the friendship remains fresh as we left it!
We chatted, caught up on each other's lives and how we are and what we studied or are studying currently.
This has been the longest chat conversation I've had on facebook so far.
And we once again decided to keep in touch, and said a neat goodbye.

A few days back, I attended a camp wherein I met a lot of interesting people from different countries and many more from my own country. And though we are trying our best to keep in touch through facebook and through mails, I always wonder.......

Will we meet again?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Letter for every Goan! ( For Green Mind,For Green Goa)

Dear Goan,

I'm riding in a boat, in a canal called Cumbarjua, far off in the interiors of Goa, to places I never explored in my 25 years of living and growing up in Goa. I'm on a mission to spot a croc here, there are around 28 Adult crocs spotted in this area, there's no formal report or document on how many are here though! And I've been lucky enough to spot 1....a large one...the largest I've seen so far...after one and a half hours of riding in the waters.....its a 10 feet big adult croc!
" You all are lucky to spot that one!" Says Dr. Manoj Borkar who's guiding us on this field trip.

It's crazy how Goa always hypnotises me with her beauty!
It's crazy how a few days back I reluctantly stepped in Goa on a vacation I did not expect much from and ended up attending a 6 day long International Camp on Climate Change organised by the British Council.

And while a part of me is making full on plans of breaking every tie with Goa,
Through this camp and its field trips Goa screams at me to not turn my back on her, she longs for my attention, she asks me to do my part for being her daughter!

Mining is eating Goa, and so is the careless tourism!
Goa still seems like a virgin land from far off...but you dig into her a bit deep and you see the wounds....perhaps those that will take a very long time to heal!

There's a need for the Goa Government and the people to have a green mind and to be eco sensitive to understand the problems of Goa and to come up with solutions. The integrity of the people of Goa and the policy makers is highly questionable. And if such an attitude continues, Goa is heading for a big disaster!

India is so obsessed with economics, that economics has become our only measure for success. But for a land as rich in biodiversity as India, we need to keep a balance between economics and the ecology.

A few years back I took up to organising camps for school kids so that they become aware of the situation and I have great faith in our next generation...They have the courage to stand up and talk about issues that at some point, my generation lacks!

Solutions are many, but are we ready to make the change? Are we ready for the change?
We Indians are so stuck in our cocoons of culture that we are bound by our senseless Do's and Dont's. We are stuck in our stereotypes!

From now on, I'll write a post, once a month about the solutions to each of Goa's or India's problems. Solutions that have been adopted by some country or some Indian state. Let's not talk only of problems anymore, let's talk about solutions now and let's show the courage to implement the solutions in our day to day life!

Those of my readers, friends, well wishers who are willing to make a change to their surroundings and protect the environment, please get in touch with me at jsincro@gmail.com and I shall put you in touch with people who can help you, guide you in matters concerning our environment.

Let's do our bit for our motherland!
Just one's.......please!!

Hoping for a positive response from educated  individuals!

Friday, January 7, 2011

About: The sudden emptiness after a major event

For the past several years, I've noticed my every new year start at such a slow, boring and sad pace that I almost want to stop living this life!

My exams just got over on the 31st and while I was studying last week, I'd thought of so many things I wanted to do- the list ran into pages. And now, suddenly I'm so free - I feel empty.

Sometimes .......no.....many times I wish I was a boy.
I could just pack my bags and go somewhere ,maybe travel a bit.
Being a girl, I've to stop and ask for company. If it's just 2 girls, then again its not very safe, so I gotta vouch for some more company....and that is so difficult especially when most people are not into planless, directionless travel...that the conclusion is almost always canceling of the plan! And I hate doing that!

This sudden emptiness after a major event is difficult to deal with!
Like for an example , my whole life was around this exam for the past couple of months. I thought of nothing else. And now when I'm actually on a holiday, I'm nervous! I don't know what to do. I find solace in sitting at my table and brushing through the same books I hated looking at just last week.
I don't want to go home, I don't want to go out...all I want to do is study some more.......just carry on with the same schedule that I'd so beautifully fitted into.

For the past 5 days, I open this page and stare at it. Try to brainstorm so that I can come up with some ideas, maybe write a story....I so want to write a story. But my brain has almost shut down! It's on a strike! It's not letting me write nor read a book nor watch a movie...not even bakwaas TV shows like splitsvilla!

I don't know how many more days it will take to get my brain working.
But I had to start somewhere, so this post!

I'll be back.......soon!
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