Monday, April 11, 2011

It's just a little crush!

I woke up in the morning with a start and thought about my dream last night. "How foolish of me , I'm 25 and get these kinda childish dreams......really, I need to grow up!"

I don't like watching or playing cricket, have never been fond of that game or the people who play it. I do not know who makes the cricket team presently except for a few unignorable facts such as who's the Captain, that Sachin still plays and plays well, there are a few new boys like Kohli ( This I know because of the Fastrack Ad), and other gossip news such as Sreesanth had once cried because Bhajji slapped him , and other controversies that Bhajji gets himself into.

I happened to watch some of the matches in this World Cup, not because I wanted to, but because I just love to be around an excited group of people, and yes I love to scream!

In the last 2 matches, I watched this Indian batsman, and I did not know his name then, I cannot comment on how he plays because I don't understand the game. All I know is that he put up a rather impressive show at the finals and the next night I see him in my dreams!

The Dream:

We both are sitting in a Merry Go Round, in some sort of a fair and he is talking to me continuously about how exciting it was to win the world cup and be a part of the team and all this time we are going round and round, and that ride doesn't seem to come to an end nor does his cricket talk!

"Can you talk something other than Cricket?" I finally ask him.
"Don't you see I'm bored?"
"Are you an Indian?" he asks.
"What do you mean?"
"How can you not like cricket?"
"That way I also don't like fish but I'm a Goan!",I argue back.
"What else you want to talk about?", He asks me.
"Something that won't bore me!"
"You are not being clear. Tell me what you want to talk about..."

Guess what's my answer to this! Sheesh!

"You and me!"

The next ,I just saw his blank expression and then I woke up!

I wondered why I dreamt of him, of all the people, why Gambhir?

When was the last time I dreamt of a celebrity? Oh I had a huge crush on Leonardo Di Caprio when I had watched Titanic, and then it was Siddharth from Rang De Basanti( But he never really came in my dreams).
But that was way back in school, and now I'm no more a small girl, I'm a woman and I cannot believe I could fantasize a celebrity. After that dream, every time I do see this man on the TV , I find myself paying all the attention and a little smile lightens up my face!

I asked my sister the other day, " Guess who's my new crush? It's someone you know!"
She took a few names I might be interested in and I said, " Naah! He's not a regular guy....", With a kind of royal stint to the dialogue.
"And where did you meet this irregular guy?"

"It's Gautam Gambhir!", I ended the question round!
She lost the interest in the conversation knowing its useless to talk of such crushes, she laughed, "Best of Luck then!"

I feel foolish at times, but at other times, I feel its so much safer to have a crush on a least for a while. You know you don't get him, you know your heart won't be broken! It's a no risk situation! Something like parking the heart in a well locked garage!

I don't want to read about him on Wiki. Rather I ask about him to my friends, and some of them speak about him as if they know this guy personally. It's kind of funny, our own little joke, but for now it's working! Till I give my final exams this year end and I add that extra qualification to my name, I want to keep my heart safe and sound with Mr. Gautam Gambhir......., but hey, It's just a little crush ;-)


  1. This one is cute!! :D
    And yeah, it is always safe to have a crush on sme celeb, 'coz u know will nvr have to face all those "relationship issues"...moreover, u don't feel too jealous if sme of ur frnz like d same person! ;)

  2. Nice post...i like the comment "parking the heart in a well locked garage!"...All the best with ur lil crush :-)

  3. Hey I've been reading your blog all night, and it totally holds up. Kudos!

  4. He he... :) This is so sweet... :)
    Btw... Just incase u feel he comes in ur dreams after some match he plays...u can watch the IPL KKR matches... ;-)

  5. he he not a Gambhir Dream after all!

  6. @ Shweta...U r rgt! I think it's time I watch a match in the stadium for Gambhir's sake at least!

  7. Haha...really an interesting post to read :) He seems like a nice guy, so do go ahead...lots of luck to you :) :) :)

  8. he he
    its such a light and interesting post
    its like sometime when you feel like you want to eat something but not get ur stomach filled.
    thats the kind of post it is
    one would love reading it and one can never get enough of it

  9. @ Siddartha: My friends tell me he's got a bad temper...that's what's really stopping me from taking the next step. ;-)

    @ Monk: Thank u!

  10. Hey...that was a straight from heart!! Luks cute though 'u and me' kind of talks...well!!

    "I'm 25 and get these kinda childish dreams..."
    Come on v dont hv to be grown up always..sometimes being childish is okay!!! and its not bad...

    Know wat....ur 2nd para caught me and I felt I too belong to that category of cricket haters!! :D I still do not watch matches....!! Do read my latest post (on Cricket World Cup, u'll know...(come on its not about the match and the winning scene) Here is the link ->

    ...and Sorry I dont hv any info on Ghambir!! :D

  11. It's okay Kally...Let the mystery unfold slowly ;-)

  12. hey...wonderful post.fantastically put...luvd to watch it...i jus strtd writing blog.n m inspired by u heavily..
    hey pl can u jus chk out my blog n suggest me sumthing?

  13. whatttttt? u dnt like fishhhhh????

    ohh and good to know that even u dnt follow cricket! :)
    hv to read a lot of ur posts!
    (but do u atleast like prawns????)

  14. Gautam Gambhir Huh? not a bad choice, he is going 2 b next Mr. Dependable.
    .Btw my last dream-gal: Demi Lavato hah a ha


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