Short Stories

This is a collection of short stories I've written over 2 years. Some are funny, some are based on psychological illnesses,  some deal with relationships , some are based on real life issues and a few are pure absurd! For making it easy for you to pick up your choice, I have written in brackets what the subject matter of the story mainly deals with. Take your pick and enjoy reading!


1. Hush Hush Darling - (Psycho Thriller)

2. An Arranged Marriage- (Relationships)

3. My Choice- (Relationships)

4. Right v/s Wrong - (Accidental meeting.)

5. I am in Silence- (Relationships)

6. The Story of the BIG LIFE MALL - ( Absurd, weird, abstract)

7. The 1st Date- (Fate, relationships)

8. The day my GOD died! ( Real life)

9. Jab V Met!( Psycho- thriller)

10. You can see she's a beautiful girl! ( Sexuality)

11. I am the most beautiful!( Teenage)

12. Strange Relationships ( Love)


  1. Your stories are pretty good. Why not get them published as an anthology ?

  2. I would definitely like to publish my stories.
    But I think I might need some help with choosing a good publisher or finding one.Any suggestions and help in that regard is most welcome.


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