Friday, April 22, 2011

Bonus Day!

What do you call a day that is super charged?
A day that fills you up with energy and excitement and hope and happiness!
And it's not that I won a prize or anything,
It's not my birthday nor did I gain anything....
It's just simple pleasure in seeing people who matter to me be happy!

My dance teacher, Ms.Lalan Dessai had a super show presented in Goa, and the people absolutely loved it, they gave her a standing ovation! I felt bad that I missed the show due to prior commitments, but I'm so damn happy for her...I feel so happy when someone who deserves credit, appreciation and fame gets it. Because in our world, its so rare to see someone really deserving getting a chance to prove oneself!

I feel truly blessed.I do not know what is the reason for so much happiness throughout the day, but I love it when life looks absolutely fantastic and full of opportunities!

It's not that life's problems have ceased to trouble me, they are there, they will always be there. But it's like I got a sneak peek into a world beyond those stresses...and I realized I spend so much time worrying that I forget to look a bit further and enjoy life, to feel blessed and happy as I feel today.

I wanted to share this happiness with everyone, I wanted this "Happiness Disease" to engulf the whole world, just for a day! Maybe it's not god sitting up there and managing the world matters today, maybe it's "Bruce" who granted all of us our wishes just because he was too bored to go through each one of them personally.
Because all I wanted was to feel happy!
All Lalan wanted was for her show and her hard work to be appreciated!
All that Sim wanted, was to relax and take a chill pill about what lies ahead!
Many of us here in Blore wanted the city to cool down a bit so that we can enjoy a good night's sleep, and it rained and it's nice and cold outside!

Who said there's no god?
Who said prayers are not answered?
Just dare to wish dear, and your wish will be granted!


  1. I can't believe i was such an idiot for missing it. Gotta call Lalan!

  2. The show will definitely take place in Pune.
    Make sure you don't miss it that time.

  3. all the best for the next show in pune, thank god it rained cats and blore

  4. oh yes! little simple things make a long happy life :) good post!


  5. good post! (and one of my favourite songs to boot. WIN)


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