Thursday, January 2, 2014

Whose dream are we living?

Once upon a time there lived a man who was extremely ambitious!
His friends, relatives, brothers ....all belonged to that same old era where they wanted to sit back and enjoy their lives doing absolutely nothing!
They seemed to be happy with whatever they had or did not have!
He hated their lifestyle!
No goals, no aims, no direction to life!
What a waste of time and resources he thought!

So he sat down and made a plan! Since he was the only one interested in actually doing something......nobody disturbed him! Slowly and patiently he first caught hold of the village kids and taught them a new lesson! That life is a race! And you must run if you want to survive!

As years rolled by the village started to change, as the kids grew up they wanted to do more. They were not happy with whatever that was offered to them, whatever that was available to them....something always seemed to stress them out and disturb them....they kept saying, "There's more to life than this!" So they kept searching, losing their night sleep, they kept wandering!

The old ambitious man was happy! He had definitely changed a generation! This new generation , unlike their forefathers, did not know what it means to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee....did not know what is "quality time" with family...they felt that was a complete waste of time!

The old ambitious man died in peace and left generations and generations behind , made of people who are forever hungry, searching for something called "Happiness" and dying in distress!

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